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Bounce - a mobile app

The simple description of Bounce is the illegitimate child born out of the union of Foursquare and Groupon.  Bounce is an app designed for local business to offer flash sales to their customers, while also allowing users to see what is going on around them or in their chosen city. 455 more words

Ten 2 Seven - a mobile app

Ten 2 Seven is a simple mobile app that could be built for either apple or android devices, and would easily import a persons work schedule into the calender on their phone.   139 more words

MK808B Android MiniPC ( Dual Core - Rockchip 3066 )

 SLGear : SL-MK808B ( Android 4.2.2 )

A small little gadgets ( abt size of 2 x Match Boxes ) that brings new life to LCD TV. 152 more words

Android Devices

Q10. When did Android devices came into use?

Q10. When did Android devices came into use?

Ans. The first commercial version, Android 1.0, was released in September 2008.

Understanding Expertise To Hire Android Developers Seems Realistic!

Android platform is creating hype due to record breaking sales of android devices and wearable in the market. That’s could be a reason for every company to… 310 more words

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Google Offers To Secure Gmail, Documents On Your New iPhone (GOOG)

Now that we’ve all seen Apple’s new iPhone 6, Google has something to say: Go ahead and buy one. Bring it to work and we’ll help you protect your Gmail and documents. 188 more words