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High Structured, Performance Oriented And Customer Centric Organization.


Inwizards is a highly structured, performance oriented and customer centric organization. In Inwizards we follow the concept of development and sustainability to bring about a change in quality of services and business. 82 more words


Chaos Grips Kiev as Ukraine's Military Struggles to Defend the Homeland

KIEV, Ukraine — It is now clear that Ukraine is experiencing an invasion in all but name
Masked, armed soldiers carrying automatic weapons in full military dress have taken control of several key cities and towns across the east of the country, demanding a referendum on joining the Russian Federatio… 11 more words

Deepak Verma

Nest Uses Its Data To Turn Electric Utilities Into Cash Cows

When Google acquired smart thermostat maker Nest for $3.2 billion, the startup quickly stated that it wouldn’t ever share its user data with other Google services and outside companies. 32 more words

Deepak Verma

Wu-Tang fans hope to liberate 'Shaolin' for $5 million but have a ways to go

When you have the cultural cachet of someone like the Wu-Tang Clan, there are a handful of luxuries afforded to you that few others have. Like selling the only copy of your upcoming album for $5 million, for instance. 19 more words

Deepak Verma

KitKat On Galaxy SIII

Yes, during our holiday in Andalucía (Spain) I managed to put KitKat on my Samsung Galaxy S3 – here’s the proof:

No, I did not eat the wrap. 18 more words


Cortana vs. Siri: Battle of the Virtual Assistants

With Windows Phone 8.1, Microsoft is taking on Siri, Apple’s chatty assistant in the iPhone. In Microsoft’s corner is Cortana, a brand-new virtual personality that shares the same name as Master Chief’s holog… 11 more words

Deepak Verma

Running the Heartbleed Code to See Exactly How It Works

By now, you’ve read all about Heartbleed —but what, exactly, does it look like in action? Thankfully some nerdy brave computer scientists have run it, so you don’t have to.Read more… 11 more words

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