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If You've Ever Wanted To Erase Your Texts From Someone Else's Phone, Then You Should Try Wiper

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By: Steven Tweedie

Wiper looks and feels like any other messaging app around, but it has an extremely powerful ace up its sleeve. 384 more words

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Comic-con the Items.

Faster than a speeding finger, more powerful than a 3G network… you’re probably wondering what items we’ll unlock via the next 46 days of tapping. You’ve already seen the rewards in a previous post, but there are several items that will help generate unlocking tools, like cans, pizza slices, comics, nails, and fruity beverages. 155 more words

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Elite F-14 Flight Officer Explains Why The Tomcat Was So Influential

We sat at the end of the runway, our F-14′s GE-110 motors humming, awaiting our clearance to begin what would be the last F-14 Demonstration ever. 41 more words

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Jimmy Kimmel Proves No One Understands Smartwatches

So what do you think of Apple’s new smartwatch? Oh, haven’t seen it? Of course not — it hasn’t been released yet
But people on Hollywood Boulevard are blissfully unaware of that fact… 10 more words

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Motorola's Back To School Promo Discounts The Contract-Free Moto X By Up To $125 On Moto Maker

Motorola loves discounting its flagship Moto X phone at every possible opportunity. The latest is the nebulous “back to school” season, but I think they were just getting itchy – it’s been a whole week since the off-contract Moto Maker editions of the X went on sale. 18 more words

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Instagram's Snapchat competitor Bolt leaks

Snapchat’s meteoric rise made one thing abundantly clear — the market would soon be flooded with copy cats. The next major player to try and drink Snapchat’s milkshake might be Instagram. 20 more words

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European Regulators Chide Google Over 'Right to be Forgotten'

European regulators are not happy with the way Google has handled the controversial “right to be forgotten” ruling.
In May, the European Court of Justice ruled that citizens had a right to ask search engines to have links to outdated, irrelevant or misleading information about them removed. 12 more words

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