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Andromeda Is Only One Of Many

There will be a gigantic collision that will involve our home, but none of us will be alive to witness it. When all is said and done, there will be a giant collection of stars. 1,006 more words


M31 Andromeda Galaxy

frames : L x 18 x 3m , L 6 x 5m, R , B, G  3 x 5m 6 more words


The boundaries that we bind ourselves within

Rules, regulations, laws are required so as to live in harmony and peace, for progress, for safety,  and the thoughts in this article are not directed towards these aspects.   493 more words

Homo Sapiens Sapiens

Astronomy and Normal Eye Function

The Andromeda Galaxy is the furthest, most remote night sky object visible to the naked eye.  It measures 220,000 light years in diameter and appears as a blue smudge in the constellation Andromeda between the constellations Cassiopeia and Pegasus.  310 more words

Dark Matter: Made of Sterile Neutrinos?

Composite image of the Bullet Group showing galaxies, hot gas (shown in pink) and dark matter (indicated in blue). Credit: ESA / XMM-Newton / F. Gastaldello (INAF/IASF, Milano, Italy) / CFHTLS  921 more words

Dark Matter

Milky Way Dark Matter Halo Loses 'Weight'

Milky Way Arch, CC BY 3.0, Bruno Gilli/ESO – http://www.eso.org/public/images/milkyway/

Mass estimates for our Milky Way vary widely, from less than 1 trillion, to as high as 4 trillion, times the mass of the Sun. 543 more words

Dark Matter