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'Talking Bread' Proves That Chris Hardwick Will Host Almost Any Talk Show

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I’m pretty sure this will either be the funniest thing you watch this evening or it will be the worst. There can’t be much middle ground here, especially considering a topic as divisive as bread. 111 more words


Don Demillo: Sick God of the Podcast

The character of Don Demillo, a creation of madman/writer/comedian Andy Daly, is a creepy theater director who found inspiration in the NYC peep show circuit. For 18 years, he directed The Rockettes in their Radio City Music Hall Christmas Spectaculars and lately has been putting on shows at the Pasadena Fairy Tale Theatre, staging depraved and adult versions of children’s classics. 368 more words


What I Did With My Summer Vacation: Review

Alex Russell

In What I Did With My Summer Vacation we explore shows you should catch up on during TV’s slowest season. This week: the downward spiral of Andy Daly on Review. 611 more words


Nathan For Us All, or, The Dawn of Prestige Comedy

Like a year ago author/Derrick Comedian D.C. Pierson tweeted a link to a video in which a man is handcuffed to a steel bar next to a robot claw that will remove his pants, exposing him to bleachers full of young children in front of a cop, if he doesn’t pick the lock to the handcuffs in 90 seconds or less. 617 more words

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