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Andy Kaufman is Dead

Andy Kaufman is Dead

Andy Kaufman is Dead

Andy Kaufman is Dead

Andy Kaufman is Dead

Andy Kaufman is Dead?

Andy Kaufman is… 51 more words


A New Book Claims Andy Kaufman Will Reveal His Greatest Prank Yet 'Very Soon'

Andy Kaufman has either been alive for 65 years, or dead for 30, depending on how much sh*t you think his friend Bob Zmuda is full of. 214 more words


Why I Am Not Talking About Apartment 3-G

Over on my mathematics blog (sorry, LFFL) there’s been a fresh round of comic strips that I can talk about. I also found reason to talk about Robert Benchley, who so long ago provided the only productivity advice you’ll ever need. 205 more words


The Unfunny

As a lifelong fan, and student of comedy, my definition of humor was forever changed by the unfunny idiocy of the late, great Andy Kaufman.  Those “in the know” have now certified Kaufman a comedic genius, but back before Andy Kaufman was… 2,677 more words


Zelig Moments: Mark "Moogy" Klingman

In looking up the personnel for the Kooper Session, I may have also found the wikipedia entry for the coolest teenager that has ever lived.  I’m not even talking about the 15 year-old Shuggie Otis. 243 more words

An Ode to Joan: The World’s Finest Cunt

By virtue of being a gay man who exists in the world, I was deeply moved, profoundly inspired, and endlessly entertained by Joan Rivers.  Her voice sounded like it took two loads and three shots of Jack all at the same time.   2,009 more words

Master Class 17 - How Not to be Seen

Previously in this column, I’ve talked some shit about poetry.  I need to backtrack a little.

I’ve argued that poetry is all about the language – word choice, rhythm, clever usage – where prose is all about the content.   874 more words