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The Blog Gets Its Name (Aga #1)

The name of this blog belongs to Aga (pronounced “Ah-gah.”) He’s my best friend and the funniest person I know. I’ve referred to him in the past as “The Poor Man’s Woody Allen” and “The Undiscovered Andy Kaufman.” I’m not a Woody Allen fan (though I really enjoyed  879 more words


Man On The Moon: the life and times of Andy Kaufman

Cult comedian Andy Kaufman disdained telling jokes and engaging in comedy as it was traditionally understood, referring to himself instead as a “song-and-dance man”. Elaborate ruses and pranks were major elements of his career. 457 more words

Andy Kaufman v Jerry Lawler

A compilation of various clips and footage detailing comedian Andy Kaufman’s feud with championship wrestler Jerry Lawler from the early 1980s. If you’re a fan of the Andy Kaufman wrestling documentary “I’m From Hollywood,” this is like seeing the box set of this documentary with the complete clips present. 21 more words


Comedy Definitions

A friend of mine, B.D., invented a couple of phrases helpful for thinking about performance.

Kaufmaning: To perform in a manner characteristic of Andy Kaufman, by 1. 112 more words

Andy, George, Marc, and Bo

By Brandon Berry

Marc Maron is my life-observing father, George Carlin’s my cynical grandpa, Andy Kaufman is my uncanny uncle, and Bo Burnham is my highly sarcastic brother. 849 more words


God Bless Us Every One...

The Jazz Cookie is in a wildly eclectic mood today. Lots going on around my corner of the planet and places nearby.  Well, maybe not exactly nearby but not too far away – like Portland, Oregon, where one of the best-loved and most-talented musicians passed over to the great jazz jam in the sky last week at the young age of 58. 551 more words