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Here is Simon Critchley talking at Cornell. Love Critchley’s scathing take on Bono at about 50 mins in.

What Bowie describes is a Büchnerian world of terror.

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Organizing Strategies for the Manic

It’s that time again.

You know it.

That special time of the year when you want to change everything: get a new job, a new haircut, move, and learn to speak decent french. 358 more words


#andscene: ep. 12.28.27

mood: going through my closets finding clothes that poets rhyme… 

ring: i’ve overheard your theory, “nostalgia’s for geeks…” i guess, sir, if you say so – some of us just like to read. 32 more words


The tortoise had it right!

Next time you’re in a public space, a café, a bar arena or even a restaurant, take a peep around at how many people either alone, … 848 more words

The Golden Country

Orchid Daze Pops Into Atlanta Botanical Garden

POP! The exotic celebrities of the plant world are getting their 15 minutes of fame with a bold, colorful showcase at Atlanta Botanical Garden inspired by famed artists Andy Warhol, Keith Haring and Roy Lichtenstein. 389 more words