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Oh my goodness-I recently saw these types of salads on another “social” media site. I’m sure they have been around for a long time now but am very excited to get myself some mason jars and make some of them. 452 more words


Post 379: The neighbor sets up a bird feeder. Andy approves!

Whether by design or accident, the neighbor’s new bird feeder is right outside Andy’s favorite bird watching window. He approves!

I must thank my neighbor. Her bird feeder is a success!

Andy - Getting settled in–and torn between opportunities

Howdy Gauchos. My internships are getting more concrete. I met the office staff of my internship in the think tank and contributed my first relevant entries to the homepages, completed research jobs and also, admittedly, did some administrative work–which is supposed to be less in the future. 411 more words


Sir Laughalot was still lying on the ground, clutching his sides.
“Uhh, hmm,” I said, looking down at the two mud coloured women. I couldn’t think of a single thing to say; it was as if there was a huge gap between my thoughts and what eventually came out of my mouth. 240 more words


Dropfleet Commander Announced

At salute 2014, Hawk have announced Dropfleet Commander. And they did it in style, with a full 10mm scale strike carrier. According to Dave, this is only one of the smallest units in the new game.  908 more words

Dropzone Commander

The cheating rumours continue - MIC

As the rumours of Alex cheating on Binky continue, the entire Chelsea gang ponder over whether there is any truth behind them.

Cheska and Fran made it their mission, in this weeks MIC, to find out the truth about the rumours and to find out who the girl is that Alex supposedly slept with.  251 more words

Reality TV Shows

Post 378: Who's that in the window, and why is my plant upside down on the chair?

The window by the dining room table is Andy’s preserve. That’s where he watches the rose-bush birds and people doing people things outside.

This morning, however, I heard cat chattering, something I haven’t heard Andy do, but Dougy does for any prey he sees and can’t get. 179 more words