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Pixar Animation- Luxo Jr.

The film was made in 1986 and was Pixar’s first film that they made. They decided to make the lamp jumping on something to be part of the logo. 122 more words


The Kiss, huh?

In the month of March 2014 a video went viral. Now that the fever has somewhat passed for some, I can now discuss how unoriginal it was. In two words.

Andy Warhol.


Andy - Cherry Blossom Time

At the very latest on your first day in D.C. – especially during the spring quarter – you will hear everyone telling you about the… 401 more words


Mark Leckey l'echoué de la copie

Mark Leckey est un echoué que il a copié un grand artist comme Andy Warhol.

Il a copié aussi Jeff Koons.

Il est un artist que il utilise le travail de les autre parce que il veut avoir de la credibilité artistique mais il est un echoué anglais.


Hounded (An Andy Carpenter Novel)

Andy Carpenter isn’t sure what to think when he gets a mysterious phone call from a good friend, policeman Pete Stanton, asking him to drop everything, drive to an unfamiliar address, and bring his girlfriend, Laurie Collins. 16 more words