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Seven Opportunities in Life

Here is a thought provoking story from wechat. It sounds simple and humorous, but when you think further and reflect, it may have the power to change our life. 201 more words


Albert Einstein

One of Einstein’s colleagues asked him for his telephone number one day. Einstein reached for a telephone directory and looked it up. “You don’t remember your own number?” the man asked, startled. 16 more words


Albert Einstein's Work

Albert Einstein’s wife was once asked if she understood her husband’s theory of relativity.

“No,” she replied loyally, “but I know my husband and I know he can be trusted.”


John Adams

Although failing fast, Adams was determined to survive until the 50th anniversary of the signing of the Declaration of Independence—July 4, 1826. At dawn on that day he was awakened by his servant, who asked if he knew what day it was. 50 more words


That Sassy Teacher #5

A short one today, to match the Teacher’s quick ingenuity and witty one-liners. No really, it’s because I’m heading into Edinburgh later for a football match, and I’ve not got much time to write anything overlong unfortunately. 262 more words

A wheel within a cage

As a child I had this hamster who would fidget all of the time. Even in his sleep. I had to call him Fidget, didn’t I? 295 more words

Creative Writing

The other morning I outdid my Personal Best for the 100 metre dash for the bus.  I clambered aboard, feeling breathless and rather pleased with myself, and having paid my fare I looked around for a seat.   209 more words