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On Looking for Work (The Long Middle): Part 2

One project finishes, another begins. I decide to not be an editor anymore; I should be a writer. I have of course tried that already. I have written journalism, chapters of novels, poetry, screenplays, erotic fiction. 362 more words


Old Buildings

A partial view from old buildings in down town Lisbon. Considering their location and the 1755’s earthquake / tsunami it’s an educated guess to place their build date around late XVIII, early XIX century.



Thursday, September 11, 2014.

Dateline: Uxbridge, Massachusetts 

It was an ordinary day. Early September in southern New England. Cool. Almost crisp. Some leaves had already changed and they shone bright yellow, signalling the rapid approach of Autumn. 450 more words


When I saw you again, after so many weeks, I didn’t know what I felt. I knew that I was supposed to feel as if I’ve grown apart from you and I’ve learned to live without you. 122 more words


Impossible Scenario

Kayaknya skenario di bawah ini nggak akan terjadi deh.

Mahasiswa A : Lho Lu ngapain di kelas ini?

Mahasiswa B : Pengen aja cobain mata kuliahnya, soalnya gue hobi belajar~ 132 more words


Don't Be That Person

…who regularly invokes anecdotes about other people of color when in conversation with other people, for edgy points.

You know what I mean.

That person who says to me, “I have this Vietnamese friend who said X about her “people” or her country. 125 more words



I am currently studying the calamitous road toward Nicea, and I recognize several patterns in one of the texts I am reading. The Nicean Crede was a corrupted view of God and the heavens, that we currently associate with apostasy.   909 more words

Learning By Faith