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Something in Her Face That Was Incredibly Alive

A couple years ago, Claire and I went on our usual 35-minute walk together.  Toward the end of it, Claire said hi to a woman.  She’s too friendly sometimes, and so am I. 410 more words


Kids these days

Ceritanya, adikku yang bungsu dapat Tugas Bahasa Inggris : bercerita selama satu menit di depan kelas tentang benda kesukaan.

Karena mau gampangnya saja, adikku bercerita tentang benda kesukaannya…buku latihan soal UN. 156 more words


Baruch Spinoza and Defining our Principles

Baruch Spinoza (1632-1677) was a rationalist philosopher, whose work Ethics, Demonstrated in Geometrical order was published posthumously in 1677. I first came across The Ethics  1,041 more words


Who Shot First... Harrison Ford Speaks.

If the title of this post grabbed you,  I don’t need to explain anything.

For Harrison Ford’s take on the classic Star Wars conundrum, look no further than… 18 more words


People Change

It’s been 4 years. Middle school doesn’t even matter any more, so if I went back no one would recognise me any more. Today an old classmate requested to follow me and then suddenly he sent me a message. 560 more words

Flavors of Villainy

Welcome to the third installment of Everyman Gaming’s GM’s Guide articles. In this GM’s Guide, we’ll be talking about choosing a villain for your campaign. 1,550 more words

GM's Guide

A Liar and a Thief

Last month, I went out to perform magic on the street.  Between shows, I noticed a guy standing on a crate about 30 feet to my right. 840 more words