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Spitting the Dummy

I was in the fast lane, the other two being occupied, doing long leisurely laps when a squat, paunchy bloke, carrying a purple noodle came up to me. 122 more words

The Crumbs of War

Continued from Treachery! Thieves!

Halfway down the shadowy hall, I paused. If they hadn’t destroyed the coffee already, they would be holding it hostage. They might want information. 606 more words


Valentines Day Ambush

There I was, standing in my Christmas themed bathrobe, hair disheveled, teeth unbrushed…

And there he was standing uninvited on my doorstep, perfectly groomed, holding a red bag for me.  284 more words


What I've Learned as a Mom (So Far) Part 1

This was supposed to be one blog post, but once I started writing, I found that it was turning out  to be a twenty-five page essay… So for simplicity’s sake, I’ve broken it down into parts, and will be posting them at regular intervals.  584 more words

Journal Entries


There’s a big fight going on in the woods, ants are kicking elephant’s ass. Suddenly, one of the ants climbs on top of a tree, and yells: “Boys, get out of the way, I’m gonna jump and kick my foot in his face!” 36 more words


I'm now a cat person...

The kittehs have finally caught up to me. A couple of weeks ago I innocently stumbled into the Louisiana ASPCA to “just look”.

Yes, I know. 590 more words


African Quotes on Wisdom

A wise person will always find a way. ~ Tanzanian proverb

Nobody is born wise. ~ African proverb 

A man who uses force is afraid of reasoning. 15 more words