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So yesterday I got my wisdom teeth removed. It all happened really quickly. Last week I went to the dentist for a routine check up. Turned out I had a cavity. 388 more words

Journal Entries

Meeting God at the Art Museum

…and it wasn’t all golden lights and angels singing hallelujah choruses, either.  My boyfriend, Collin, and I had our very own Bruce Almighty moment at the art museum’s wing of glass work.   469 more words


The Greatest Class That Ever Was

Late last night I got a message on Facebook from a friend I hadn’t seen in over two months, since I left school. We had spent our final year of high school laughing about a class we were in together, Information Systems. 654 more words

Willy Brandt

On a visit to Israel as mayor of West Berlin, Brandt was invited to view the great new Mann auditorium in Tel Aviv.

Having expressed his appreciation of Israel’s naming the concert hall for Thomas Mann, the German writer, Brandt was politely corrected by his host. 26 more words


George Cadbury

When King George V and Queen Mary visited the Cadbury works, George Cadbury led the way with the queen while his wife walked behind with the king. 89 more words



As this week I am dedicating this blog to health it is judicious to comment on weight. Weight is a funny thing; it is related to your mental and physical selves. 336 more words

The Beginning (Pt. 2)

It was the prospect of money which drew him into the pit from which I began my attempts to raise him.  His greed destroyed what could have been a useful life, and once his penniless destiny was set in stone his greed then turned to lust.   307 more words

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