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For a woman who is essentially religiously neutral, firmly clinging to my position of “no opinion” like a limpet on a wet rock with the tide coming in — I really love church music. 698 more words



That’s just it. I was robbed.

Nothing fancy. I wasn’t held at gunpoint. Nothing sharp or scary went through me. There was no chase and no one got hurt. 1,048 more words


Joseph Hodges Choate

Choate was asked at a private dinner who he would like to be if he were not himself.

He thought rapidly through a list of world celebrities, and then, catching his wife’s eye, said, “If I could not be myself, I would like to be Mrs. Choate’s second husband.”


Agatha Christie

Agatha Christie’s second husband, Max Mallowan, was a distinguished archaeologist who made his name excavating in Mesopotamia. On her return with her husband from the Middle East, Miss Christie was asked how she felt about being married to a man whose interest lay in antiquities. 23 more words


Mark Wayne Clark

Clark was once asked what was the best advice he had ever been given.

“To marry the girl I did,” he replied.

“And who gave you that advice?” was the next question.

“She did,” said the general.




As the name of this blog suggest I am Dan. 

Other such information you might need or want to know is that I am Male, 27 years old I am English ,specificly and probably more significant I am from Essex, judge how you will. 200 more words


G.K. Chesterton

Chesterton’s mind was so preoccupied that he frequently forgot to keep appointments. He relied on his wife in all practical matters. Once on a lecture tour he sent her the following telegram: “Am in Birmingham. 9 more words