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I Painted Chicago's Skyline on My Wall

I can’t really do a poem tonight. It’s a Friday and I’ve had a very average week- classes were generally infuriating, the weather was generally unexceptionally wintery, I kept trying to eat healthy and kept not eating healthy, I kind of socialized and didn’t. 210 more words

The Elephant Room

“Find a place inside where there’s joy, and the joy will burn out the pain.”
-Joseph Campbell

If I were a blade of grass, I would want to grow in Ireland. 1,372 more words


The city, oh the city lights are shining. The people-noise of life is through-the-looking-glass inverted here compared to home; in Britain we’re composed, moderate throughout the day, librarian hushed, people are trying to work. 523 more words


Peter Pan

J M Barrie once famously wrote ” to die will┬ábe an awfully big adventure”

No doubt its a powerful phrase. A bold, heroic and powerful phrase. 150 more words



After my initial BDSM-ish relationship ended (I say “ish” because I’d never heard the acronym, and wouldn’t still, for years) I was rather lost. Mind, you, I didn’t know I was lost. 521 more words


Friday French Fry Fight

I’m doing a course in teaching English. Like many classmates, the stress of long hours and overload has weakened my mental and physical resolve. Yesterday, it got so bad that I ate french fries – twice. 118 more words


And It Begins

~This blog is probably not appropriate for your children. Or for anyone who is easily offended by profanity, sex, abuse, or the truth of the world. 1,131 more words