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Walking on ants

It started with a simple request.

“Sweetie, please put on your shoes and socks. It’s almost time to go.”

I tended to a few other odds and ends before returning to my older son, Li’l D. 435 more words



No Rhinebeck hajj this year.

But, the Ithaca library sale took place and I acquired a copy of Creative Knitting by Mary Walker Phillips. 54 more words



I was visiting to admit him, a skinny Indian man recently returned from hospital. He was sixty, and previous to his recent surgery had been completely independent. 827 more words



Comfortable: to be in a state of physical or mental comfort; contented and undisturbed; at ease. There aren’t many times during the day where I feel truly comfortable–Even if I am sitting at home, watching tv, wearing unappealing clothing and eating junk food. 303 more words


And There Came 509 at 5280... My Favorite Part Of The Night

Peyton Manning, not particularly surprisingly, shattered another record last night. He has now thrown 510 touchdown passes, breaking Brett Favre’s record of 508, the most touchdown passes of all time. 125 more words


Urea is good for your skin, isn't it?

Did I tell you about the time I left my daughter in the tub, in her own pee? Because the water had some treatment in it, and I just couldn’t be bothered to do over? 357 more words



“I know you hearin’ me, boy,” the officer spoke quietly, his voice full of menace.

“Now, ah tell you again, you gon’ put that gun in your hand down right this second, I say right this second, boy. 645 more words

Real Life