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As the name of this blog suggest I am Dan. 

Other such information you might need or want to know is that I am Male, 27 years old I am English ,specificly and probably more significant I am from Essex, judge how you will. 200 more words


G.K. Chesterton

Chesterton’s mind was so preoccupied that he frequently forgot to keep appointments. He relied on his wife in all practical matters. Once on a lecture tour he sent her the following telegram: “Am in Birmingham. 9 more words


Paul Dirac, Clarity

Dirac’s writing was famous for its clarity and simplicity. When Niels Bohr was writing a scientific paper – with many hesitations and redraftings, as was his custom, Bohr stopped: “I do not know how to finish this sentence.” Dirac replied: “I was taught at school that you should never start a sentence without knowing the end of it.”


2 years challenge's end.

Another anecdote.

Today marked an end of a 2-year season. God brought me to the finish line of the 2-year job contract at my University. Cakes were offered, thank you card was left, memory was sealed. 671 more words



So yesterday I got my wisdom teeth removed. It all happened really quickly. Last week I went to the dentist for a routine check up. Turned out I had a cavity. 388 more words

Journal Entries

Meeting God at the Art Museum

…and it wasn’t all golden lights and angels singing hallelujah choruses, either.  My boyfriend, Collin, and I had our very own Bruce Almighty moment at the art museum’s wing of glass work.   469 more words

Food For Thought

The Greatest Class That Ever Was

Late last night I got a message on Facebook from a friend I hadn’t seen in over two months, since I left school. We had spent our final year of high school laughing about a class we were in together, Information Systems. 654 more words