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As Blind as a Bat but Without the Sonar

I suffer from myopia. And by that I mean I’m literally short-sited. I usually say that without my glasses or contacts I’m as blind as a bat but without the sonar features. 563 more words


Big Summer Blowout

Trigger warning: explicit sh!t.  

Even in ideal circumstances dating is awkward.  Dating experts advise daters to, “Just be yourself.”  That’s nice except that what makes me… 591 more words

Weekly Challenge Entries

"Don't touch me brah" and other things you don't need to hear at a low-end supermarket

“Don’t go there brah. This is for real. I am warning you I am this close. I am this close to warning you again. I will tear off your ears and warn them so hard it’ll cease to be amusing. 460 more words


A Strip of Blue Sky

The office was dim and quiet. What little sunlight reached into the cube farm dragged itself over the fake-plaster ceiling tiles, faltering and finally dying as the dreary grey light stretched towards the back of the office. 407 more words


Click-Bait Title

Arbitrary working title

* First of many bullet points, as if to show a semblance of a plan

o A sub point that symbolises added depth… 569 more words


A Little More About Robin Williams

In the fall, I spent a few blogs reviewing new television shows that The Cinnamon Girl, the kids and I were sampling. I had occasion to remember this when I read an account today of Robin Williams’ suicide that suggested that the cancellation of the show might have played a role in Williams’ depression and subsequent taking of his own life. 127 more words

The Cinnamon Girl

Robert Mitchum

In 1970, when Mitchum and his wife had been happily married for thirty years, he was asked what he thought had made his marriage last, when those of so many of his show-business colleagues had failed. 19 more words