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Car Ride

We’re going to go see a movie. The newly weds will obviously sit in the front together, how adorable. They really are so cute. Now the rest of us have to cram in the back. 367 more words


Last night, watching Star Trek: Next Generation, Geordi La Forge (Levar Burton) disobeyed a direct order given by Captain Stewart, er, I mean, Jean-Luc Picard. 430 more words


Tuna Chili Rellenos

The house smelled vaguely of smoked tobacco.  I paced- frantically.  There had been problems- loud noises and burning followed by yelling, cursing, allegations, and painful blisters.  503 more words


A Merry Christmas Card Tribute: The Perfect(ly awful) Family Update

Happy holidays and Happy Hanukah, Merry Christmas, Happy Kwanzaa and so forth and so on to my dear, dear friends and relatives!

It has been years since we have communicated, let alone exchanged a Christmas greeting to anyone.  693 more words

Human Experience

I Used to Be Racist

My freshman year of high school I was bullied a lot. I was nerdy (back before that was a good thing) and chubby and mildly socially awkward and such an easy target. 1,035 more words

Flash Nonfiction

A Plea from the Woman with the VISA


I know that everything in your store has been designed to fit and flatter my teenage daughters and that my presence is an unappreciated reminder that you will all someday sacrifice beauty for comfortable footwear.  560 more words


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Ah, the holidays. Oh the joys of shopping. All I can say is 'THANK YOU ONLINE WORLD" because I no longer need to go to the mall for my holiday shopping. It gets delivered to my door and usually, it's on time and in the same number of pieces it started out its journey. Sometimes, change is good.

What if Chistmas carol composers were asked to write headlines

“We three royals of orient are” has a quirky if archaic ring about it. It is strangely fitting for the recent Christmas visit to New York by three important royals from the east – okay maybe some artistic licence here. 27 more words