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I Hated The Circus

Made amends with The Circus this weekend. When I was a child my parent’s companies would organise Christmas parties and the employees’ children would get presents. 242 more words


I can read

At the age of three, my son came bouncing into the car from preschool, his face wreathed in a happy grin. “Mama,” he said, “I can READ!” 220 more words


Parking Tickets and Insurance Letter

Are you guys enjoying the unusually hot weather of this late October 2014? So nice and warm, right? That’ll definitely give people what to talk about on Monday morning at the coffee machine. 424 more words


CHIT-CHAT: Birthday Traditions

Freydolf couldn’t help comparing this quiet celebration to the citywide extravaganzas in his homeland. The quarterly festivals were a matter of pride, with those born during each season doing their best to outdo the rest. 111 more words

Series: Galleries Of Stone

Four Day Trip To Jiaozuo

It’s been a while that the Chinese in other places have negative impression on people from Henan Province, mostly due to multitudinous news about swindle and fraud caballed by people with Henan origin. 677 more words


Airport Boredom - part II.

I just landed in Frankfurt a couple of hours ago. I am now waiting for my connecting flight to Innsbruck, a.k.a. home. I found a electric socket where I can plug my iphone, my laptop. 216 more words


The perks & quirks of having a little sister...

With additional contributions from my gorgeous little sister, Kelly.

  • When you open your advent calendar to find that the chocolate has already mysteriously disappeared… and the same happens again the next day… and the next day… and the next day…  their whereabouts shall always remain a mystery.
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