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The K's of Ki's

You know your mind is messed up when you loose your keys and the first thought that comes to your mind is that it would make an interesting story… Here goes… 319 more words


A Brief Open Letter to the Woman at the Dog Park

Is your name Starlight? Or maybe Rainbow-serenity? Let’s go with Starlight. I hope that’s okay, Starlight. When I was little I’m pretty sure I dreamed of your free-spirited ease of being and penned a song about you entitled, “Why can’t the world be free?” More than anything, I think the song scared my dad into fearing my future liberal political and social endeavors. 613 more words


I Smell Like Belle

What have we here? What might this post be? It’s a journey into my own life, in which I don’t analyze movie. Okay, that’s a lie. 802 more words


Flying with García Márquez

I always remember Gabriel García Márquez when I fly. I’m usually very nervous and pessimistic before I board, so I find it helpful to think of a charming short story from Strange Pilgrims, a collection of stories. 444 more words


On men and women and the tech industry...

“Computer science wasn’t always dominated by men. “In the beginning, the word ‘computers’ meant ‘women,’ ” says Ruth Oldenziel…Six women programmed one of the most famous computers in history — the 30-ton Eniac — for the United States Army during World War II.

New York Times

Minor precognitive dream

A couple of days ago, my morning alarm interrupted a very vivid dream in which I had taken a small bucket of water and splashed it out onto the dining room floor. 204 more words


Những ngày tháng ở Bordeaux

Có lẽ lâu lắm rồi không viết một chút về cuộc sống, để cảm xúc tự do hơn. Hơn một tháng vừa rồi chỉ ở nhà, không phải ở trong bốn bức tường vì nhà cho sinh viên ở Pháp làm tiết kiệm diện tích nên hình thù đôi khi khá khác thường, có thể đếm trong phòng mình có 6 bức tường. 2,488 more words