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By Hook or By Crook - trains vs buses

I’ve never really commuted before. Not by train anyway. It’s as annonymous as communting should be. Especially when I am only on for 4 minutes and then a quick change before being on for 6 minutes. 811 more words


deceiving masculinity \ & some random fucked up thoughts

From The Daily Mail — 

“According to a study by French researchers in Brittany, men who carry guitars are seen as more attractive than sporty-looking men. 950 more words


Early Morning Anecdote

A recollection of when I woke up in the middle of the night with random words yet to be organized and a laptop with full battery: 1,118 more words


Things I Realized While My Phone Was Broken

So on Wednesday night as I was cuddling and watching The Good Wife, I was attempting to text my friend to tell her that Magic Mike was really quite excellent (note for anyone who’s curious – Magic Mike was really quite excellent) and every time I tried to go into her texting thread the screen went weird and started getting brighter and brighter…. 887 more words


It's The Great Summer Pumpkin , Charlie Brown

The stockings were hung by the chimney with care,
In hopes that The Easter Bunny would soon be there.

Wait-wait that’s not it. I’m just so confused by the strong-armed seasonal push of retailers that I’m having a… 268 more words

The People Of Walgreens (The Horror)

So…recently, my local Walgreens shut down for a few weeks for some remodeling and apparently some re-branding.

After the doors reopened D and I popped in-not because we gave two flips about the free chip clips and mini flashlights (I only swiped like a handful-I’m an American dammit and hoarding free crap is part of my shameful legacy) but because we wanted to snag a few bottles of water. 273 more words

Sweet Little Lies?

Hello there, reader!  How’s your week been?

Last night I got to see The Crucible at the Old Vic, which was excellent in many ways (Richard Armitage as John Proctor being the main one), and exhausting in others (the play finished at 11pm, and in the short time since I got home from Edinburgh Fringe I’ve lost the knack of staying out quite so late).   497 more words