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JNF Welcomes Two New Patient Advocates

Please join us in welcoming our two newest Patient Advocates, Tammy Curmano and Linda Legner-Romano.  We are excited to have you on board and thank you for your continued commitment to The Joe Niekro Foundation and our mission. 233 more words

Joe Niekro Foundation

How High Blood Pressure Can Negatively Affect Your Brain

Recently, a good friend of mine who is in her early 30s told me that she had developed high blood pressure, otherwise known as hypertension.  At one doctor visit, her blood pressure was 140/100! 763 more words


Audrey's Book Club

Hello Fellow Book Lovers!

I was so torn this week about whether I wanted to do my Book Club post about a specific book or do another Top 10 List (I was leaning towards my Top 10 Books for Preschoolers) and then I picked-up… 208 more words

Book Club

Time Aware

It’s soon approaching the two year anniversary of my ruptured brain aneurysm on October 19, 2012. If there is one thing I could say that would describe my life since then is my overwhelming sense of time. 431 more words


The realism of God's power

I an stymied today.  My home nurse, Kim, who is amazing, came by for her visit and I just needed to ask the hard questions.  My life, my entire life since June 26 has been a blur.  384 more words




by Russell K. Allen

For perhaps the first time you recognize Right Now, and it has an overwhelming, suffocating depth that reminds you of the deep end at the old neighborhood pool. 272 more words


Another Year Gone

With tomorrow being another Hatch Day for me, it forces me to think about this past year… The past two years have been quite turbulent for me… My world has been turned upside down… The one thing that I thought I could rely on until the end of my days declared war on me… There isn’t anything or anyone to blame, it just is… And I’ve learned to accept it… I may not always LIKE it, but I accept it… My illness and my aneurism have forced me to have limitations, which I’ve never had to deal with before… It’s forced me to live with little to no money, multiple medications every day, a severe change in my foods, curtailed my travel to nothing but home, work, Dr’s appts, and the grocery store and a complete lack of trust of what I can and can no longer do… 377 more words

Ulcerative Colitis