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Ang Lee: The synopsis is almost done!

Has anyone felt the lightness of accomplishment only to be weighed down by that one last thing to do?

It took me twenty years of “I wish I could write this book” to get to the messy and beautiful task of actually doing it.  276 more words

Inside The River

Brokeback Mountain (2005), Ang Lee

Neither a cowboy picture nor an engaged gay movie, Ang Lee’s 2005 Brokeback Mountain, with its honest depiction of a poignant love story between two lonely men, is primarily a tragedy of denied happiness, but ultimately a subtle study of repression and quiet desperation. 878 more words

All is Lost - Too Long for Netflix - The editors ordeal

This blog isn’t supposed to be yet another movie review blog, we go to other blogs ourselves for that kind of thing, but sometimes we feel so stymied by the length restrictions imposed by some of the new social media websites, in this case Netfix and their 2000 character limit, that we feel compelled to publish here what we wish we were able to say over there in the first place.  2,481 more words

Cinema & Film

“I was never romantic in real life. That is why I have to make movies about it.” – Ang Lee

In Their Words

The Book and Its Movie Adaptation

“The book was better.”

Such is the proverbial response to having seen a movie adaption of a book. I find that this is true for myself as well. 573 more words


Celebrating Big Cat Richard Parker

In the movie, LIFE of PI, Richard Parker is a 450-pound Royal Bengal tiger, whose interactions with Pi help him embark on a path of self discovery, survival, will, enlightenment, imagination, faith, spirituality, strength and so forth. 31 more words