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Case Brief: Tanada v Angara

G.R. No. 118295   May 2, 1997

WIGBERTO E. TAÑADA et al, petitioners,


EDGARDO ANGARA, et al, respondents.


Petitioners prayed for the nullification, on constitutional grounds, of the concurrence of the Philippine Senate in the ratification by the President of the Philippines of the Agreement Establishing the World Trade Organization (WTO Agreement, for brevity) and for the prohibition of its implementation and enforcement through the release and utilization of public funds, the assignment of public officials and employees, as well as the use of government properties and resources by respondent-heads of various executive offices concerned therewith. 718 more words

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When Novorossian Space Exploration?

Components of foreign production for PH “Hangar” will soon replace the domestic

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Used in the new Russian rocket “Angara” items overseas production will be soon replaced by domestic components, told reporters, Deputy Director of the center.

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After the accident, the Antares rocket will get the engine of the "Angara"

31/10/2014 Izvestiya.ru

American “Orbital”  held a tender among the suppliers of rocket engines – triumphed by Khimkinskoye NGO “Energomash” with RD-193

After an accident with Antares, its manufacturer – American company Orbital Sciences Corporation – will change the supplier  of rocket propulsion engines. 61 more words