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Life is made of  living experiences and one of the most important things to me is travelling. When you visit a new place you change, because you learn about culture, ways of living and history, and  sometimes you learn to value your roots, your city, town or country where you were born. 141 more words


Throwback Thursday: Venezuela

As much as I’m focused on living in the present and enjoying what I’m doing right now, there are days when I look back and think about all the things I have done and places I have been. 448 more words


Angel Falls

It’s been well over three years that we moved to our own homesim “Mount Everest”. And the islands that we share with Sarah and with Tyra&Virgo changed during these years. 454 more words

My Time In Venezuela

Real travelling? Yes, I’d agree.

I’m an explorer. A traveller. I love the good life, I love the tough life in travel. All kinds of destinations intrigue me, whether its lying on a tropical beach surrounded by just beautiful colours, or stumbling through rough and ready quirky towns, intrigued by the different life you are experiencing. 2,270 more words

Salto Angel

The highest waterfall in the world? It still hasn’t hit me that I’ve claimed such a feat. Yes, it is popular for tourists, but the common tourist, hell no. 1,138 more words