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Sleepy Synopsis

Computer: “And in summary the main character… RB? Randy? Are you sleeping? ALERT! ALERT!!”

RB: “Huh! What?”

Randy: “No, mommy, I don’t want to go to school.” 153 more words

R B Holbrook

Hook, Line, and Stinker

Randy: “Lollipops and cotton candy rock!!! Woohoo!! Yay!”

RB and Computer: “………….”

Randy: “Well? What do you think? Awesome right?”

RB: “That is the hook you wrote to put in my query letters?” 130 more words

R B Holbrook

Restraining Rejection Letter

Randy: “I GOT HIM!”

Demon: “Get off me you son of a bitch!”

Randy: “I even hog tied the bastard with Angel’s special rope.”

RB: “Good.” RB walks into the room and shuts the door. 202 more words

R B Holbrook

The Extreme Response

RB: “Where is that Demon bastard?!?”

Randy: “Yes, let’s hang him!”

Angel: “He’s gone. Please calm down, RB. You should never act out of anger. Nothing good comes out of it.” 204 more words

R B Holbrook

Follow The Rules, Or Else!

Angel: “Demon, I am not adding that!”

Demon: “I’m telling you death threats works, dammit!”

Angel: “You can’t do that. That’s criminal, and plus, you have to go by what the agent asks for.” 204 more words

R B Holbrook

The Opinion That Doesn't Count

Angel: “Computer, why haven’t you given RB any feedback about her books?”

Demon: “Because Computer sucks.”

Computer: “Incorrect: I helped RB write her manuscript directly so that would prove to be a conflict of interest.” 77 more words

R B Holbrook

Define Awesomeness

Randy: “Rb?”

RB: “Yes, Randy.”

Randy: “How come you haven’t asked me what I think of the books?”

RB: “…um…well… I was getting to you.” 114 more words

R B Holbrook