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Word Count Revelation

Rb: “Technically, you lose.”

Demon: “No! I never lose.”

Rb: “Ohoho you do, buddy. You lose. All those times you harassed me about not having my book completed, means nothing now. 165 more words

R B Holbrook

Word Count Shuffle

Rb: “Computer, once we split up the 165,000 word manuscript, what would the word count for the first book be. Also incorporate all the changes.” 243 more words

R B Holbrook

Word Count Research

Demon: “Hey, dog shit, what are you reading?”

Randy: “An article Computer pulled up, asshole.”

Angel: “You two stop being childish. What’s the article, Computer?” 221 more words

R B Holbrook

Word Count Analysis

Rb: “Computer, run an analysis of all the feedback I’ve gotten from beta readers.”

Computer: “Analyzing… Complete.”

Rb: “…well?”

Computer: “Well what?”

Rb: “You’re kidding right? 124 more words

R B Holbrook

Digital Perfection

Angel: “Computer, I think the new website is looking good.”

Computer: “Of course it is.”

Angel: “Your modesty is horrible. Try a simple thank you. It goes a long way.” 86 more words

R B Holbrook

The Perfect Greeting

Rb: “Did you need me, Computer?”

Computer: “Yes, I need you to write a home page greeting for your new website welcoming all your visitors and fans.” 82 more words

R B Holbrook

Message Boards

Computer: “RB, I need your input. Would you like a message board added to your new website?”

Rb: “Huh? Why are you asking? What do I need a message board for?” 135 more words

R B Holbrook