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Christmas and St Luke's Gospel

It is to St Luke’s wonderful gospel that many Christians turn as the year draws to a close and Christmas approaches, for it is to St… 168 more words

Daily Musings

Mary and the Spirit / Marie et l'Esprit

In Nazareth, a town in Galilee, there lived a young woman by the name of Mary. She was engaged to be married to a carpenter. 249 more words

Myths / Mythes

All of Heaven

My world:
Your eyes
My Heart
and all
of Heaven above

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A Celebration of the Blessed and Cursed

This poem is a birthday gift to the greatest friend I have and will ever have, he is like a brother to me… okay he is like a brother that i actually like, in fact he is more like a twin, a missing half if you will. 537 more words


Grief changes with time, and yet it doesn't

Grief changes with time, and yet, at the same time, it remains the same.  Losing a child doesn’t really get “better”. Holidays are particularly tough.  They are a time when family should be together, celebrating.  656 more words


Like Dad at Christmas

My dad loved Christmas lights as much as any kid. He used to sit in his rocker, in the darkened living room — for hours, it seemed — and just enjoy the beauty of the tree with its old ornaments, silver garland and tinsel, and colored lights. 142 more words

Real Life