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A Turd of Advice

Agony Aunt

The heading is meant to start ‘A Word of Advice’! She’ll be taking over my life next! Stroppy computers; it’s like being married again. 777 more words

Adult Humour

The inverted vampire.

I’ve just finished re-reading The Bloody Chamber by Angela Carter. I loved it. My ultimate favourite stories from the collection include: “The Bloody Chamber”, Puss-in-Boots”, “The Snow Child” and “The Lady of the House of Love.” 607 more words

What is Magic Realism? (by Merle Hunt)

A style of painting and literature in which fantastic or imaginary and often unsettling images or events are depicted in a sharply detailed, realistic manner… 784 more words

The Waves The Waves

EdZilla Borgia

Food for Thought

Arrrggghhh! The bitch, EdZilla, has poisoned me! Or if your French, ‘poissoned’ me. She lulled me into a false sense of security by inviting me to Din Dins on Sunday. 744 more words

Adult Humour


“Looks like you’ve been having fun,” said La Loba to her mate as he nudged three unruly cubs aside and flopped onto the forest floor beside her. 2,276 more words

What To Read Next?

I just finished The Picture of Dorian Grey the other day and am wondering if anyone has any similar recommendations? Someone recommended to me the French books La-Bas and A Rebours. 168 more words

Book Review - Nights at the Circus - 4 1/2 Stars

I have spent many pleasant hours over the past week enthralled by Angela Carter’s novel Nights at the Circus (published in 1984). Carter created some very interesting characters with complex and fallible personalities. 1,218 more words

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