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Blueface Angel

Hot Summer Toys

This summer the Guthrie kids are testing out the best toys the Summer of 2014 has to offer. With three children under ten, we have a wide variety of likes and interests. 261 more words

Product Reviews

Zesty lemon and butter baked angelfish

As I was wandering through my favourite Woolies food on Thursday and found an irresistible bargain- two pieces of fresh angelfish fillets (with an expiry date for the next day) for the price of one.   399 more words


Diving on the Great Barrier Reef: Challenger Bay

I spent a weekend aboard the Taka Ribbon Reef Explorer, a 5-day trip organized by Deep Sea Divers Den. It was an absolutely incredible trip where I had the opportunity to dive 14 times on the Great Barrier Reef and go snorkeling with Minke whales, who are in the middle of their yearly migration south. 178 more words



Martin Metcalfe and The Fornicators

Getting the notoriously fickle folk out of Edinburgh out on a Sunday night is no mean achievement, so from the moment I entered the packed ballroom of the Voodoo Rooms I was pleased to see that not only was the venue packed but there was also a great atmosphere to help things along the way. 303 more words



A Grey and French Angelfish. Really liked the coral background I got on the French (Black and Yellow).

Under The Ocean