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A Look Into Thy Self

Not everyone can see you in your nakedness, in your true spirit. Not everyone can handle you in your raw emotion or your true feelings about life. 333 more words


Inglorious Bitches: The New Anne Frank Story

Imagine, if you will, that Quentin Tarantino decided to create a dramatic retelling of the Anne Frank story. Only this time she doesn’t hide…she fights back! 53 more words

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Recently watched: Maleficent. "Magnificent Maleficent!"

Last week Saturday, I came back from Portugal with my sister which was my best holiday ever and it was back to my weekly commitments. One commitment in particular that I gain bundles of rewards from is Mentoring young people whom are Looked After in Care. 402 more words


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Angelina Jolie

The 15 Best Celebrity-Yearbook Pics You'll Ever See

I can’t help clicking on these damn photo compilations every time because I’m always hoping there’ll be at least one really good one in the mix that I hadn’t seen before. 138 more words


Breast cancer...an ethical issue

I came accross this while going through your research assess tasks. I will return these tomorrow.

Latest update on BRCA Gene Patenting
May 2014
Following the US Supreme Court’s ruling last year that the BRCA gene patents held by US biotechnology company Myriad Genetics are invalid on the basis that isolated genes are not patentable, the US market for BRCA gene testing has opened up, and several US competitors have launched related products.


George Clooney on the Daily Mail dispute: 'It’s fun to slap those bad guys, knock 'em around'

Clooney claimed that the piece published by the newspaper “incited violence” in a damning column he wrote for USA Today

By Jess Selby

George Clooney… 360 more words