"The Sign"

I thought I had a plan worked out to resolve my problems. I knew what I had to do to get better but doing it is harder than the idea was at the time. 219 more words

Train Like an Angel

Tuesday, December 9th, 2014 will mark the annual showing of the sexiest night on television: The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. It seems this is one event of the year that guys and girls are always equally excited for.  1,001 more words


"Angel From The Pentagon" by Steve McClain (Part One)

Scott watched helplessly as the Metro doors slammed shut, separating him and his father from Michele, his younger sister, imprisoned now on the subway car. 703 more words



The spiritual world is enigmatic. Society, today, relies so much on science and measures to investigate it’s mystery. But, mystery requires imagination and faith which is appreciated and honored by traditions, legends, ancient scriptures and contemporary experiences.  768 more words

Angels' Smith trying to strike out degenerative disease

The real Lee Smith is a strong, intelligent woman with a zest for life and a wholesome disposition. Joe Smith will tell you that, and these days the Angels’ reliever will frequently say it to himself. 23 more words


heavenly hosts

as the newness of birth.

cries the baby utters.

angels there.

a child becomes a man.

cries of want uttered.

angels there.

upon life its end. 11 more words