AL West movement defined by minor moves

Clubs in the American League West have been relatively quiet this winter as they try to build on their success of the 2014 season. Here’s a team-by-team glance at what’s happened in the division so far this winter, and what remains to be done.




A kiss upon the lips
leaves the print of love
upon the breath of
the angels,
cry softly as gossamer
wings spread toward
the cerulean sky, … 104 more words



It’s almost Christmas and Creak is still on time. I have acquired a barcode and just need to complete an image or two. Despite a family tragedy that had occurred on Saturday, I am determined to push myself to keep on my deadline. 21 more words

Do Angels Exist?

A small transformation happened in my life. In a time of despair, I woke from my stupor and saw a “being of light” hovering over my body. 438 more words


"Our Father Cares: Angelic Protection In The Time Of Trouble"

Here’s a very encouraging devotional thought about angels protecting God’s people during the time of trouble. Read this and rejoice in the great love and care that our Lord has for all of His children. 7 more words


Live For The Kingdom

Times are getting rough these days and when there is no hope left here on earth, we know that we can call on God as we get down on our knees and worship Him. 163 more words

Angels vs. Celebrities

My husband asked me an interesting question recently.

I had just finished telling him that a particular character in the video game we were playing, an angel named Tyrael, wasn’t taken from the Bible (unlike another character, Baal); that I was pretty sure Michael and Gabriel were the only angels whose names we’ve been given. 384 more words