And is there care in heaven, and is there love...The Faery Queene by Spenser

And is there care in heaven, and is there love
In heavenly spirits to us creatures base,
That may compassion of our evils move?
There is : else much more wretched were the case… 136 more words


4 Paws + Divine Intervention = ❤️

We met, not by chance; most likely by pre planning. We met on a beach in South Carolina. The day was a perfect beach day, it was early morning and there were many paws around two chairs in the sand and their caregivers. 289 more words


Daily Guidance from the Angels for 10/20/14

You are more powerful than you realize. What would it take for you to use that energy to create more of what you do want instead of more of what you don’t want? 7 more words



I started the week with the intention of writing about some very dark days and some hard lessons that I have been through with the spiritual stuff, but for one reason or another I did not feel drawn to the computer to keep working on the article.  2,295 more words


Angels are Watching and Waiting

The Bible teaches us many things about angels. One of their primary tasks is to observe what goes on down here daily. That’s another good reason for them remaining invisible. 2,843 more words

Christian Essays

Ground yourself

‘Being grounded,’ is a very normal term in my life. I would use it on a daily basis. I realize however, that this is not the case for everyone. 769 more words

Mind Body Spirit

You Can Hear A Real Angel Sing!

We were coming home with our friend Gina Choi after praying with a hospitalized family member. Gina has the blog, Unni’s Room on http://unnisroom.wordpress.com/

She turned my wife Mary and me on to gospel singer Jason Upton’s live recording, “Fly”, taped in a college auditorium in Alexandria, Louisiana. 94 more words