I merged with the earthlings, saw their thoughts,

Too shocked to stay was I.

I found seclusion, shed clothes,

And soared into the sky!



To my wonderland place of joy! 209 more words


Hollow hands

A dark and empty hollow has come
To this house once more.
The night creeps in robbing
The day of it’s play.
Numb skin burns as electric… 35 more words

Louisiana Swamp Smackdown

Here is my fourth picture from my new book, Daughter of the Howling Moon. I call it Lousianna Swamp Smackdown.

According to Lady Tabitha, “Evil often times takes the shape of a dragon.” A fact that Benjamin Sol knows only too well. 101 more words

RH Burkett

☆ July 29th 2014 AngelScope ☆

Archangel Ariel:

Self love is a prerequisite for receiving love from others and from the Universe. While treating others with love and compassion comes naturally to you, remember to treat yourself with the same respect and kindness. 136 more words


Angel Synchronicities

I decided to designate my third Book of Shadows to listing and describing all of the major magickal categories, i.e cardinal directions, elementals, colors, numbers, etc.  305 more words

U. Downing

Never Alone: A Short Story

Okay, I’m taking a chance. I’m posting a story nobody has yet seen. I’ve asked for no feedback, I’m taking a risk and releasing it with out showing it to anybody first. 1,454 more words


California Love

The traveling has not stopped for Levi and I, we have had a very busy summer and it seems to be never ending. We recently went to California to visit Levi’s sister, Jenny, and her boyfriend, Fernando, and we had a blast!

Human <3