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The simple act of smiling puts you and everyone else at ease. A smile is full of warmth and is contagious too. Why go around with a frown upon your face showing the world all you detest and just don’t want to face? 271 more words

Living Life, Your Journey, Trust, Believe


I never used to get angry so often but recently I just lose control of my temper so easily (road rage is a completely different issue though; I blame SF’s horrible traffic and crazy Berkeley jaywalkers). 170 more words

First Steps

Why don't you?

This is a very delayed post. It’s dedicated to none other than the very reason of my insanity.
I call her a lot of things, fat-ass, bhains, matthi, chotti, kukki (because calling her a bitch in Hindi is too mainstream) and other things like this. 652 more words

If I am not a Woman, what am I?

if i am not a woman, what am i? i have no children so i can’t pretend to be completely fulfilled as Mom. obviously not a grandmother. 123 more words


Shame? I Think Not

Over the past few weeks, I have had a number of clinical and “friendly” debates with colleagues and associates about shame.

You know how that works, you start to discuss a news item, human interest story or topic and suddenly it dominates your whole life. 453 more words


Connection between Values and Self Esteem

If this writing seems different, that’s because it is; my laptop is not co-operating so I’m doing this from my cell.

Yesterday in my weekly group season we went over the connection between values and self esteem. 365 more words

Mental Health

Sometimes There Are Things To Say

I think sometimes there are too many ways to say,
That you don’t give anything.

But maybe that is not my fault,
Perhaps those things I cannot say, 137 more words