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Stupid bastard thinks he can just leave me angry,
Thinks il wait for him for a month just because I used to do it before, … 156 more words


no part-timer... just F**king honest

This song finds me… And, I return to it. Never have I returned to it with so much pain and fear and sense of loss as I have this time… at least to my knowledge. 735 more words


South-Side Window

She was angered and flustered, so she did the only thing that came to mind.  She ran fast and without thought, but because this is a small apartment, she only made it to the south-side window.

© Dicky J Loweman 2015

Dicky J Loweman


Oderas Eulogy

I knew Odera as a very wise man
Infact, his wisdom surpassed that of jodongo
He was wiser than the boys who chose to smoke bhang than play kalongo… 332 more words


Agitation and Frustration

Hi out there! I sincerely don’t remember when I last posted so just in case, Happy New Year! I was sick through the holidays, and I finally kicked the crud after 3 weeks, a shot of antibiotics in the butt, and some more oral antibiotics. 550 more words

Chronic Lyme

Arrogance wears you well

Insecurities stick out like thorns

Your dressed in misery

Congrats on the new discovery

This is my own-Dominique Jones

Codependent On a Codependent

When I first started codependent recovery, I naively predicted that my dysfunctional marital relationship of 11 years would improve.  If I get healthier, then my relationship will get healthier.   406 more words

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