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Coping Mechanisms for Dealing With Negative Relatives - by Dr. Janet Taylor.

“I walk on eggshells around my sister-in-law. She’s extremely competitive, holds grudges, and always remembers situations differently from what happened – in a negative way.”

166 more words

*Screaming on the Inside*

Honestly, if I was by myself I would scream until I became hoarse right now. I’m so freaking mad I literally feel like I could pull my brains out. 578 more words

She Will Decide

Yesterday she woke feeling useless

Like a tool in a shed you’ve forgotten about

You know, the one that tightens or straightens something

That you don’t need tightened or straightened anymore? 216 more words


Love Song

I wrote a love song that came to me in my sleep
It serenaded my dreams with a pleasing melody
Like a singing bird I heard it in the back of my head… 157 more words


Look at me just chillin in silence, far away from the evil and the violence

I was so close i could have been the one to commit murder… 469 more words


ON THE RUN: Running to deal with anger - Blogs - Webster Post

I also get angry when: Someone in front of me at Dunkin’ Donuts takes 10 minutes to choose a dozen donuts. Someone in front of me at the bank wants to socialize with the teller. 154 more words

Anger Management

A work in progress

Sometimes I start pieces and then don’t quite know what to do with them. This is one of those pieces. I always liked it but can’t honestly say that it’s finished. 211 more words