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Welcome Back Colour

Lately I’ve been off the radar. Actually, I’ve been safely tucked up under my duvet, barely eating, and barely noticing. I’ve lost yet more weight but I don’t seem to care – I look in the mirror and my cheekbones are beginning to jut out, and my jeans slip off without my having to undo them. 526 more words


Rage-Face Angry Pants

So, I read this article from Psychology Today. After a discussion with my significant other (who intelligently neglected to assert whether or not she thought I had a problem with being rage-face angry pants) we decided their “steps” wouldn’t work for me. 188 more words


I’m told I have an attitude at times. I never deny that.

I can’t stand a few things in life; drugs, stupid people and stupid people on drugs. 92 more words

Happy Easter

Happy Easter from all of us here at Zodiac Live Tarot, at this time of year we are really aware of the earth being reborn and new life appearing. 585 more words

Every Anger Must Have An Expiration Date.

I don’t know if you have noticed but anger kills us. It cuts us deep just enough to tear us apart and break us down. Why do we notice more negative things than the positive ones? 375 more words

Natura mea.

Pot să-ți dau sute de motive să nu mă iubești; pot să te fac să nu mă iubești. Dacă vrei tu diferența dintre mine și altele e că ele te pot face ușor să le iubești, ele pretind ușor că-s ceva ce defapt nu sunt; eu nu pretind și eu nu cred, … 496 more words