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Anger Management and Jesus.

This past week has been a roller coaster. I guess I should have been prepared, but my guard was down. Instead of letting the bad moments affect the remainder of my week, I decided to use it as a lesson related to my own personal beliefs. 466 more words


Home Life and School Life

Anger is something we all have to deal with.

I had a terrible temper when I was a child. It seemed to have a life of its own appearing when I least wanted it too. 604 more words

Primary School

Does charity ever pay?

Since leaving University I’ve been in and out of work. I struggled to get a permanent job role, so I end up as a white collar mercenary. 1,322 more words


I may be replacing my laptop

Not supplementing it.

Best Buy has held this machine which I need for work for 5 weeks.


And boy howdy, I have reached a new combination of “pissed off” and “depressed”, which after the depression conga-line that was my high school life, I was sure there wasn’t a combination I hadn’t discovered yet. 132 more words

Personal Blogs

Pg. 120 He looked like John the Baptist coming over that ridge!

Let me introduce you to “Fred-eee!” But, first you must learn how to pronounce his name! Ok, the name is “Fa-red-eee!” Got it? He arrived late that night of the first meeting. 835 more words

Training symptoms: The Hanger

This morning, I had the most wonderful idea. “I’ll go out to breakfast,” I thought. “I’ll have stuffed french toast with berries and yogurt, maybe a side of bacon, and pair it with some of the best shop brewed coffee,” I thought. 621 more words