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Ratings Suck - 10/10

Rating systems suck, in general. Though they can be useful at times. Any form of entertainment or product has some form of rating system. Some rating systems can be helpful to know if something is worth their time and money. 360 more words


Why I rarely buy games new.

Destiny has dropped just a couple of weeks ago and the reviews from people who have played it are less than stellar.  For example Angry Joe… 234 more words


Conbravo 2014 Recap

A recap of my 2014 conbravo experience…
It was great, it was the greatest year overall if you compare to previous years.

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AngryJoe Plays P.T. [Silent Hills]

AngryJoe Plays P.T. : http://youtu.be/Fc5_3QN2fb4

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SIONR: Rise of the Tomb Raider is Xbox One Exclusive?! WTF?!

I remember when I saw this topic on a couple of Facebook posts, and I thought to myself – no way.  Crystal Dynamics and Square Enix cannot be this stupid.  953 more words