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Bar Louie: The Angry Sailor

I was going through my phone yesterday and found this photo of a drink I’d had at Bar Louie in Buffalo a few weeks back. 20 more words


The Hunt Begins

Where oh where will my new writing bar be? I’m heavily missing Crave right now and I desperately need to find a replacement. Joe and I have been to a few places nearby our place. 413 more words

Everyday Clichés

Out in the Orchard - Cider Taste Test

Until about 6 months ago, I assumed toddlers only drank apple juice, to the exclusion of all other liquids. This was probably because, as a kid, my family fridge was always stocked with giant bottles of Rougemont, while my friends usually filled their cups from those 2L tin-cans you needed a church key to open. 803 more words

Beer Review

Angry Orchard - The Muse Apple Wine

I am extremely excited about the growth of cider in the United States. What used to be an extremely niche market is really starting to grow into the next big drink. 339 more words

Beer Review

Family Times

This weekend was a blast, but also as Sunday wides down I am exhausted! This weekend was all about family and reuniting with old friends for Devin. 693 more words

Something tells me I'm due for a visit

Today was kind of a slow blog day. Not too many new things in my Reader. Only one blog visit from some lucky visitor from Italy. 115 more words

Foodie Fridays: Loaded Angry Orchard (Hard Cider)

I’m not an avid drinker of beer and slide towards the hard cider end of things. I love some good hard apple cider and Washington is full o f Angry Orchard. 85 more words

Foodie Fridays