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Vengeance is MINE

All is fair in love and war, right?

Well, I had a moment of realization. I was being vengeful. There was a misunderstanding of sorts. The first thing I did was begin calculating all of the ways I could get back at my husband-turned-enemy. 869 more words

Angry Women

Only the Lonely

She is in her late 80’s. I believe 87. She opened up to me about her grief, her loneliness. The only children she gave birth to are dead. 421 more words

Angry Women

The Fat on the Back of My Arms

I was having a fantastic week. Absolutely marvelous. Until I saw two pictures taken of me capturing:

1.) My underarm rolls peeking out from behind to say “hello”; and… 499 more words

Angry Women

Oprah.com Article: How to Let Go of Anger Once and For All


Caitlin Moscatello was featured on Oprah.com and shares an overview about her anger realization and some general management skills. She also shares some insights about other women friends, stress related anger, and looking for the positive in all things. 15 more words

Angry Women

Her Story: How to Combat Antagonists

I spoke to an Angry Woman who shared with me her ongoing struggle with Antagonist-triggered anger. She works with a lady who she shares a mutual dislike for.  547 more words

Angry Women

Angry Women

This woman was angry, it is seen from his eyes that signify anger.


Keeping Cool When Someone Lies to Your Face

Why do I love Judge Judy with all my person? Because she gets the same crazy look on her face that I do when someone lies. 547 more words

Angry Women