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March 27th, 2014

The painters are back for sure. After going to bed around 2 this morning, they woke me up at 8 yelling at each other in Chinese and throwing tools to the ground from the 4th floor scaffolding. 692 more words

Never cheat on your girlfriend - Boyfriends TV and PS3 ruined

There are many fake videos circulating that depict women smashing their love rat boyfriends belongings but this seems legit. The video is foreign and the story behind it is unclear but one thing is for certain, don’t fu*k with this woman. 32 more words


I Am Retiring From Public Life

(Note:  This was a Facebook status I posted after being questioned about my presence on FB.  Since it was either hormonally induced or just angry middle-aged woman I decided to use it for my blog.) 740 more words


Things my boyfriend has said to me in the last week

So I am nearly certain that there must just be something in the drinking water where my boyfriend resides — because as of lately he has magically misplaced his brain along with his “sensor/filter” button. 279 more words