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Angry women in hospitals

Has anyone else noticed this phenomenon?

I’m not sure of the reason there are so many angry women in hospitals, but they seem to be everywhere – in reception, nursing staff, cleaners, bed movers, shit-scrapers, laundry people, even in the hospital cafe. 738 more words

A Vision of Love

Sometimes I wonder how many fights are caused by a common discourtesy. You know, that moment where you rush to take a tinkle or handle any other pressing business when you discover the only bath tissue available to you are the two starter-sheets stuck to the roll? 82 more words

Tips And Strategies

7 Things Girls Do When They Are Upset - Boldsky

This was a fun, yet true article about female upset-ness. My favorite default position is:

Drowning in chocolates and ice creams

Girls apparently love chocolates and ice creams! 46 more words

Anger Management

A Silent Refuge

Source: Psychology Today

A lot has been going on. First, there was a family medical emergency. Then there was a death in the family. Now my Little One is not feeling well. 200 more words

Anger Management

When the World Spins Out of Control, Remember to BREATHE

Wearing many hats and being a natural born problem-solverĀ has a beautiful way of helping the time pass with freakish speed, curing boredom, and stacking on the stress. 159 more words

Tips And Strategies

Four Rounds of Marital Mayhem

What do you get when you combine a premenstrual and physically fatigued wife with a confrontational husband who doesn’t listen?

A blood bath.

My goal was to reach 45 Days of Calm. 984 more words

Anger Management