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It's Not Okay

A lot had happened over the last few months, some good, some not so good. And lately, there’s been more bad than good. Most of it because people have reacted and/or acted on some circumstance or event. 289 more words


Am I really that Crazy when I'm in Love??

Facebook, Twitter and the rest of social media platforms out there are full of it : young people ranting and raving and obsessing about their love lives. 413 more words


The Uninvited

Nope, not a ghost story and not technically about people who are not invited. They just are not invited by me.

So it really shits me (especially if you are crazy enough to spring anything on me straight after a nap and before I’ve eaten- this small window is easily my most volatile) when I have made plans, particularly with one other person and they invite extras. 230 more words

“It’s freezing!”

Puss in Boots, usborne Publishing Ltd, p16

Quitting Your Job is The Hardest Thing to DO!

If you’re a sole independent worker who needs to pay their own bills; quitting a job is a 10x thought process. I have been thinking of quitting my job because of my boss’s son delusional ways of running a business. 214 more words


Strawberry broke my PlayStation... almost.

About two weeks ago I let Mason borrow my sweet little baby, my PlayStation 3 and it’s good friend Borderlands 2. All was well for a while… Mason went back home (like I’ve said, he lives a few hours away) and I let him take it with him so he can finish the game and then we can have the inside jokes and all this other stuff. 148 more words