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I have to hold everyone up and no one has to hold me up and make sure I’m okay and make sure I’m doing good. No one feels the need to see how my day or week or month is going.

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Bitter Bitter Bitter

Warning, rant ahead…

I am feeling SO angry recently. So many people didn’t do things right. They did drugs, drank too much, hurt people, abused people, manipulated people, eat horrible food all the time, they slept around and accidentally got pregnant… WHATEVER and they’re fine! 440 more words


He was a bit shocked

I had my back to the lift that I normally face when I sit at the desk. As I stare out at the customers that are scattered across the floor I hear swearing from behind me–”FUCK SAKE!” 88 more words



Impressions are everything. They give the people around an unspoken but open door to judge you by the way you’re acting. Or not acting. The more and more I observe impressions of others, the more I wonder what people see in my own impressions. 345 more words

A good old rant. My apologies.

A good, old fashioned, rant.

Okay so this is less elective than getting stuff off my chest. It seems as if most of the world is out to get me at the moment. 1,100 more words

Life begins at 40.

“Nobody knows when life begins, really.”

That little nugget of attempted intellectual spew just came at me from the brain-dead dipshits at the next table. 593 more words