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After College: Living at Home Over the Summer

It’s nearly the end of summer and I can’t believe it has taken me this long to write on the subject of parents.

Parents are awesome people. 1,440 more words



Judge me by my voice.
Silence overlaps my words.
See my eyes glisten with tears.
Though I am bone dry from heart to toe.
You feel my power in my fist. 52 more words


Money is disgusting.

The greed

The want

The need

There’s never enough

I’ve lived a pretty money-less life

We had what we needed to get by and only a LITTLE more… 205 more words

War in Gaza


I just wanted to share my thoughts on something that has been bugging me. The war in Gaza is something that no one should support. 706 more words


What to do when you're cripplingly sad

- Make a chocolate cake. Food dye the icing whatever colour you’re feeling (red for hurt, green for envy, blue for sad) and eat all of it with some tea. 184 more words

I wish I could throw up
And empty out all the sadness in me
I wish I could empty my soul
Of all that’s causing me pain… 76 more words