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Road to The Skies

// Main Cast: Do Kyungsoo //

//Other Cast: Park Chanyeol, EXO, etc //

// Genre: Life, Angst //

// Rating: … 1,610 more words



Fears are part of everyone’s lives. Fears make us who we are by breaking us in every way possible: painful yet memorable ways. Some possess the strength to face their fears while others possess the strength to look at them and go ‘Nah’. 272 more words



Someone hit my beautiful car yesterday. She was parked in the parking lot (a completely empty parking lot, by the way) and some jerk with a boat rammed his trailer into her front right bumper, ripping it apart and potentially taking out a headlight (I haven’t had the chance to see if the headlight works properly or not, yet).  170 more words

Memory chap 4

Tittle              : Memory chap 4

Author          : Kim Sayu

Cast                 : Taeyeon, Luhan

Other Cast    : -

Genre             : AU, romance, Angst, action,politik

Lenght           : Chaptered… 1,831 more words


Caramel Macchiato

Title : Caramel Macchiato

Author :  Little4Appa

Genre : Angst

Cast : Min Yoongi / Suga (BTS)

          Park Hyomin (OC)

Aroma kopi tercium diberbagai penjuru ruangan. 2,616 more words


Double Up

title: double up
genre: angst(??), romance(??)
length: 1147 words
pairing: kai/kyungsoo
warning: weird as f story, boyxboy, failed attempt at angst
summary: because love is not about who you are, but what you feel. 1,160 more words



Twice by Miharu-chan

—you make me broken