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every cadenza delights, every cadence floats.

So you know, other than the fact that I’m a ridiculous and sometimes embarrassing human being, that audition went well.

I have a feeling I won’t know how that went unless I get it, which is fine!   353 more words



Først fortalte du at du drømte så rart en natt. Du hadde lagt og hørt på regnet som slo på ruten før du sovnet. Du drømte om en ung mann i en gammel manns kropp som hadde gitt vekk sjelen sin i bytte mot din kjærlighet. 246 more words




Original Photo : www.flickr.com/photos/ginnerobot/2578593715

Text & Adaption : Helen Midgley

Creative Writing

[Oneshoot] Because

Written by Eddysuf | Main Cast Kang Sooyeon (OC) and Xi Luhan (Member of EXO) | Length Oneshoot | Word 2179 | Genre Angst , Mother Complex , NC-21 , Sadness… 2,234 more words


Bees in the Brain

Sometimes, especially over the summer, it’s difficult to sleep. There’s a buzzing of ideas in my head, and I wonder, “Why couldn’t this have happened in the morning?” And worse: “How many neurons have been damaged right now?!” It’s like my mind is being taken over by bees, operating only when the day is over and there seems to lie an infinite road of possibilities for tomorrow. 402 more words

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[SERIES] Overprotective Daddy {Suho Ver.}

Tittle : Overprotective Daddy ║ Author : Acchan ║ Main Cast : Kim Suho, Kim Hana, Par Chorong, Park Chanyeol ║ Genre : Family, Fluff, Angst ║ Length : Series ║Rating : PG-15 ║ … 3,282 more words



Title                : “Monster”

Author            : intan @sena_kuki

Rating                        : T (17+)

Genre              : school life,family, Angst, fantasy, romance, comedy, etc.

Cast                :