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Salvation perhaps

I am reminded by a fellow blogger who asks, why should we meditate?

It is through a little background reading on meditation that I encounter the idea that meditation can be our salvation. 72 more words


The Secret Chapter 1

Title       : The Secret

Author  : PlayerHwang

Cast       :

-              Jesse Jung

-              Stephanie Jung (Hwang)

-              Mr. and Mrs. Jung

“No one knows what the right decision to make in live.”  - Kuroko Tetsuya (kuroko no basuke)


Set Me Free [Teaser: PsychoRowe]

Maaf sebelumnya. S[H]ECRET aku hapus karena aku kehilangan file. Virus itu sangat menyebalkan rupanya XD dan tidak bisa diajak kompromi._. Dan cuma mau bilang kalau Set Me Free bakal slow update, karena aku juga jadi admin disalah satu fanbase FF jadi, ya mesti gantian ngetiknya…  795 more words


grimes is a queen

feint within a feint

this is a reaction-thingy to Grimes’ song Vanessa, possibly from the POV of the other person but it can be taken out of context and read on its own I suppose… 132 more words


Not Lost Are You, My Dear?

Dear Void,

You know that frustrated feeling when your family does not understand your situation?

Ever since I started CreComm, I always have an enormous amount of explaining to do to my parents and in particular, my mom. 583 more words

Anime Geek

I'm Done

***Warning of incoming wall o’ text that may or may not crit the reader for 56432168411 damage, effectively one shotting them.  >.>  I keep looking at it, trying to figure out how to trim some fat – and am simply not able to.  3,563 more words