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Former 'Two and a Half Men' star felt like a 'paid hypocrite'

Looking back, Angus T. Jones, 20, says he regrets the way he handled his criticism of “Two and a Half Men”.

“Two and a half men” is a popular CBS TV series that features two brothers Charlie (originally played by Charlie Sheen), Alan (Jon Cryer) and Alan’s son, Jake (Angus T. 1,007 more words


The half in "Two and a Half Men" embracing Jesus...

The last time we heard from Angus T. Jones, the “half” in “Two and a Half Men,” he was making about $300,000 per episode but ready to throw it all away because he was morally opposed to the show’s plotlines, which went against his Seventh-day Adventist values. 285 more words

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Ex-'Two and a Half Men' star Angus T. Jones resurfaces (with a beard!) -- VIDEO

Two and a Half Men‘s Angus T. Jones is back, with more hair than ever before!

A brief refresher: In 2012, a video surfaced… 201 more words


Would You Be A Hypocrite For This Much Money?

Remember Jake from “Two and a Half Men”? What happened to him?

He got rich and crazy and he’s not a cute kid anymore!

Angus T. 100 more words



Have you seen it?

Miley Cyrus recently got a tattoo inside her lip!

Although it looks super painful, and Miley herself says that it hurt like a b*tch but we love it! 21 more words

Angus T. Jones From Two and a Half Men - "I Was A Paid Hypocrite"

The very public falling out between Angus T. Jones and “Two and a Half Men” raised an interesting question: What happens to the millionaire teen actor who goes on YouTube to call his show “filth” and begs people to stop watching? 259 more words


'Two And A Half Men' Star Angus T. Jones: I Was A Paid Hypocrite

It’s been a year since Angus T. Jones threw off the shackles of weekly sitcom slavery and lashed out against those that made him a name you want to forget in Hollywood. 156 more words