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The Hidden Treasure

In a far away village, where goats are seen as more precious than cows, the goats make the rules and the cows follow. Every goat owns some cows and when goats have a bad day or when cows don’t obey fully, the cows get beaten up and hanged upside down as a public spectacle, as a warning to the other cows. 217 more words


Lunch with the Mrs. by B_Ela_photography : New Popular Photo on 500px

I feed their gizzard , they feed my soul …… and life goes on …
I look for pleasure in little things.. In life Pain is not by choice , not unless you are into sado-masochistic practice :) in which case you might get your pleasure anyway…. 27 more words


Colony Collapse Disorder

By Becky Chitro

Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD) is a tragedy happening among the bee population in which there is a drastic decline in adult male bees is found in a given hive. 562 more words


Homo Sapien or Rattus Exulan?

By Richard Witting

The Island of Rapa Nui has long captured the interest and imagination of both the public and the scientific community. For the average person, the familiar big stone heads are awe-inspiring and iconic, and the island seems unimaginably remote. 942 more words


A Vegetarian Makes Chicken

By Emily Shea

I chose to use the topic of “animal” to address more wide-scale, global consequences of human food systems. I know we enjoy putting as much distance between us and other species as possible, but humans are omnivores, and have a place in the food web. 979 more words