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Mujer Mata Leopardo Duarante Ataque

Increíble!!! En la India una mujer de 54 años lucho con un leopardo hasta matarlo para salvar su vida. En algunas zonas rurales es común los ataques de leopardos, debido a que las poblaciones humanas cada vez se extienden más hacia los bosques, hábitat común de la especie. 32 more words


Hey, little hen

I am Serama-sitting, and two of them have obliged today.  Coincidentally, my next door neighbour kindly gave me some eggs from her hens.

The standard egg in the middle is 70g.   26 more words

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Conversation piece

In which fielding rules are determined by level of personal moisture

There’s an old tennis ball over here.


I wasn’t ready.

Are you looking? 113 more words

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Kedatangan Barnie

Sekitar 27 Juli 2014. Semalam tidur tak nyenyak. Dini hari gaduh sekali di luar. Kulihat jam pukul 2 lebih. Telingaku menangkap suara dan otakku menggambarkannya dalam imajinasi secara tiga dimensi. 209 more words


Pretending to be a post

Yesterday it was still too warm for vigorous walking, so I loitered by the Chichester ship canal, pausing to be a post to encourage the local wildlife to emerge.   359 more words

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