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Puppy Mill's Publicity

It’s no secret that those involved with puppy mills deserve a special place in hell.  The sheer cruelty of confined, underfed, neglected, and over bred dogs that are forced to endure that ‘life’ is no where short of evil.  296 more words


Comments have stopped

While I always thank readers for feedback, comment has now stopped on the story of Puppy Doe’s Abuser Faces 55 Years in Prison; Held on $500,000 Bail. 128 more words


Puppy saved after being dumped in trash bin and taken to landfill

Last Chance Pet Rescue, Inc. Facebook page

Late last week, someone threw a three-month-old puppy into a trash bin in Dickson County, Tenn., and on Friday the contents of that bin, including the puppy, were transported to a landfill site after being picked up by a trash compactor truck. 258 more words


Marathon man arrested for kicking puppy in the face: Dog cowered in fear

Anthony Wollweber of Marathon, Fla., was arrested Saturday in a shopping center parking lot for allegedly kicking his ten-month-old puppy in the face reported cbslocal.com. 146 more words


Windsor's animal laws don't need to be changed for outdoor dogs, says city

There’s no need to change the City of Windsor‘s bylaws to prevent dogs from being tied up outside in extreme weather, says city administration. 622 more words


Animal Abuse = No Clear My Record!

Pets aren’t only totally dependent on us for their food, water, and happiness. They are also dependent on us to love them, protect them, and so very much more. 830 more words