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Why Arizona, WHY?

I am scared right now.  If I saw this coming at me, I would turn myself around, walk away slowly, and then break out into a full-fledged sprint.  1,758 more words

Endangered Species

Dog Killing in Travnik: lone rescuer struggles against all odds

Recently we highlighted a small sterilisation programe for the strays Anela Elkazevic takes care of in Travnik, Bosnia Herzegovina. Anela is out on the streets right now, trying to find the puppies of Rose who was killed in the last 24 hours. 1,512 more words


Nosey Is Crying For Help

Saving one animal at a time seems not to be working here. Even though PeTA has already collected so many signatures the elephant named Nosey still has not been rescued. 183 more words

Animal Welfare

Is Boiling Hot Water Painful?

Some people still believe that animals, especially lobsters, do not feel pain. They probably also believe that pigs can fly. Dropping someone into boiling hot water is definitely painful – and deadly – for any being, also for lobsters. 127 more words

Animal Welfare

Dog Severely Abused In Northumberland County

COAL TOWNSHIP — The search is on to find the person who severely abused a dog in Northumberland County.

The animal was found earlier this month, muzzled with its throat slashed. 364 more words


Bye Miss Cat. :(

So this Sunday was not like any Sunday we have encountered ever. Usually I take this time to write about Bryce and Brandon ad what we did this weekend. 926 more words