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Jennifer Poel Foss

Local Davis artist Jennifer Poel Foss specializes in animal portraits. Three of her paintings are exhibited in Sheltered, one created specifically for this event and titled “Handle With Care,” which will be auctioned on closing night, November 14th. 100 more words


6 documentaries every animal lover should see

Throughout my life’s journey to become an animal advocate, I have seen far too many images of abuse that I wish I could erase from mind – the extent of man’s cruelty to animals never ceases to amaze me. 400 more words

Animal Rights

That Hurt!

I was doing my usual thing – I saw a stray cat, so ran out to feed it. The next thing I know, another three joined in. 87 more words


Empath, Voyeur or Action? What Type of Advocate Are You?

by Gretchen Pachlhofer, co-founder of www.untoldanimalstories.org

Let’s face it.  If you are reading this blog, you are an animal advocate.  You love to read stories about animals and nature.  468 more words

Animal Blog

What Is Wrong With People?

“Only the weak are cruel. Gentleness can only be expected from the strong.”

Today, I heard on the news there was a terrible fire in Manchester UK, which involved a Kennel for stray dogs. 309 more words


You Don't Have to be a Weatherman-How the Wild Horses are a barometer for the falling of our freedom

Despite the years of protest, the American government in the entity of the BLM, is unresponsive and evasive to the desires of the American people. The cruel removal of our Wild Horses has continued under a veil of corruption,lies,and disregard for the law. 170 more words

Stray Cat

(Image: http://www.dreamstime.com)

I’ve noticed a very skinny and shabby looking ginger and white cat, who I’ve been trying to befriend to feed it. It’s breaking my heart seeing the state s/he is in. 111 more words