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heart to heart

they met

for a moment

that neither of them ever forgot.

saviors of each others hearts



The Cupboard is Bare

so they talk about nakedness -

what about bare necessities?

i am all dressed up and ready to go!

enough with the blessings in disguise - 9 more words


Is Animal-Assisted Therapy Effective?

Animal-Assisted Therapy (AAT) (sometimes also conflated with Animal-Assisted Activities (AAA)) is, exactly as it sounds, the use of an animal to provide some therapeutic benefit.  Freud employed a form of AAT, as he noticed that his dog, Jofi, had a calming effect, particularly on children, and so Jofi was… 461 more words

Pet Therapy Registration

So Buddy and I are getting to the point where we are ready to take the next step on our journey to becoming a registered therapy pet and handler team. 1,725 more words

Therapy Dog

My Furst Year As a Therapy Pup & Looking Ahead

Wooooowoooooooo Efurrybuddy! This past year has been a pawesome adventure fur me! I did and accomplished things I never ever dreamed of, but usually I dream of running, playing, flying, snow, and treats. 222 more words

Animal Healing


the world is all tilted…

i see you are troubled,

but i do not understand…






So You come sauntering in the door -

smelling of perfume???

whose could it be?

it is not the tree moss damp fern pine needle of your usual romps… 19 more words