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Ep. 13 - Funny & Surprising Animal Quotes!

We have a very special Sleep Deprived version of the podcast today!  Yes, it’s off-the cuff and entirely un-edited.  Today’s one of those days where you just do what you gotta do!  121 more words

Animal Communication

Hot Dog gets to be interviewed

A freshly printed pet psychic/animal communicator article from Salt Lake City Weekly’s Daily Feed.

Gotta love the cat part in the end.

It is true that cat’s just might leave and find a new home, if the service is not up to their standards… while dogs stay and love you anyway. 21 more words


My heart still sings...

…even though my body doesn’t dance anymore. – You can’t say it better than that, can you? Source. — Edwina Gustafson has redesigned her webpage. 40 more words


Sniffing with a suspicious cat

So very cool to see how animal communication helps all over the world.. This time in Japan. (I think.) Mio is one suspicious and angry cat and thinks nobody wanted her in the first place. 142 more words


Ep 11. Past Lives! LAUNCH PARTY!

I’ve been saving this one for our official launch!  Listen / Download it here:


Hey, if you have a smartphone, you can use your podcast app to subscribe to the feed:  … 191 more words


1. The Journey Begins: Psychics and Signs.

It was Sunday. I scheduled a vet check Tuesday for one last desperate attempt to find a “fix”. Give me a problem that has a solution please. 582 more words