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Angel, the albino dolphin's message

The dolphins are being slaughtered again these days in Japan, Taiji.

Angel (Albino) Dolphin shared her message with animal communicator Faye Rogers; just after being taken captive on the 21st January, 2014:

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Senior pet talk is not puppy talk

Senior pets are super cool to have around. They have a certain something in their eyes (blind or not) that I can only describe with the words… 706 more words


Ep 20. Names! How your handle matters!


What’s in a name?  How does your name affect the energy you experience?  How does you name affect other people?

And PET NAMES!   55 more words


Animal communication readings

Jason (UK) tweeted yesterday on Twitter that he is offering free animal communication readings: asking only for feedback in return. If you think you can handle that, go ahead and think about what you want to your ask your pet. 24 more words


Cats come in many colors and missions

Kate Sitka has blogged about the colors of cats and their different life missions. (I have read about the “Orange Cat Gang” and their unique mission before, too.) This is very interesting subject, and as a cat person, I surely will make mental notes about this later on. 2,230 more words


What do the working dogs think?

This book is a must read for all who wish to know what is going on the minds of the working dogs / service dogs, and how they grow up to do what they do. 260 more words


Pet Psychic Pup Quote of the day!

This is Pumba who lives with blog member Brooke!  Simba has another dachshund friend named Raffi and a golden retriever named Simba, who will be making their own appearances!  80 more words