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Castaway Paradise, the VIP treatment

Over the years I’ve invested a lot in Nintendo gaming, and with all the great games coming our way for the 3DS, I’m sure my wallet will suffer greatly over the next few months. 393 more words

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Update us, man!

Yeah, I haven’t devoted much time to any Castlevania games over the past few days, and I’m sorry about that since I said I’d do my best to complete Rondo of Blood before the end of the month. 702 more words


OXCGN's Super Smash Bros. 3DS Review

Super Smash Bros. has never really been my forte. 90% of the time I spent playing ‘Brawl’ with friends was actually just spent watching them after I lost all my stock 30 seconds in. 1,485 more words

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The AC Files #2 – Happy Birthday, Clay

It was my buddy Clay’s birthday the other day. He’s an overweight, endearingly clueless hamster (I think). My present to him was a sapphire, which I unearthed from the ground and concealed in attractive orange wrapping paper. 118 more words

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Top 10: New Features That I'd like to See in the next Animal Crossing

The first top 10 that I published on this site almost a year ago was about the top 10 features that should come back to Animal Crossing, and it’s been almost a year since that post, and for a blog named “Kapp’n Bay” I don’t write enough Animal Crossing articles (maybe I should’ve called the site Master Hand Bay…), so today I’m writing the top 10… 1,002 more words

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Cubic Castles new world!

Hey guys it’s Htm and I think I told you but I play a awesome game called ‘ Cubic Castles ‘ and it’s like Minecraft and Animal Crossing, I do have a thing with mmo’s and multiplayer games! 68 more words

Going it alone, or playing together?

There was a time when playing video games was a hobby you did on your own. You had your own Game Boy and if you were lucky, you had a good friend that could come to your house and bring his own Game Boy with him and you two could play the same game and have a great time together. 578 more words

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