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Animal Crossing New Leaf とびだせ どうぶつの森 Short & Sweet Review

Animal Crossing New Leaf (とびだせ どうぶつの森) is a life simulation video game for the Nintendo 3DS console and the fourth main title in the Animal Crossing series. 427 more words


Sandy's Wish

Sandy looked worse than before.

She sat alone at a table, staring at the wall. Even her feathers looked lower than usual. Behind her the cafe was alive with music and joy. 1,534 more words

A Flower On A Step - The Pointlessness of Nintendo

“Stop!”, shouted my wife. “You need that!”

We’d been playing The Legend Of Zelda: Wind Waker HD for about an hour, working through Dragon Roost Island – the first real dungeon – between evening snacks and a squealing baby. 887 more words


Tom Nook and ‘Animal Crossing: Wild World’.

Released in 2005, ‘Animal Crossing: Wild World’ (known in Japan as ‘Animal Forest: Come on Over’) is a life simulation game for the… 549 more words

Animal Crossing: New Leaf

It’s hard to explain the allure of Animal Crossing to someone who’s never played it without coming off as a bit weird. “Yeah, I dig up fossils and collect things and sell them to make my house pretty?” But the key selling point of Animal Crossing New Leaf is its simplicity. 490 more words


Animal Crossing: New Leaf 3DS - game review

Animal Crossing New Leaf is a fun little game where you create your own town and you control it.

The story is, is that you’re on your way to a new town and you’re only meant to be a citizen and nothing more  but when you arrive, the town thinks you’re the mayor so you take on the role and have to beautify/turn around the town. 137 more words

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My thoughts on Super Smash Bros

January 21, 1999, that’s the date that Nintendo released one of its biggest video game series, little did they know that Super Smash Bros would be one of the greatest things ever.  978 more words

Donkey Kong