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My Latest Addiction: New Leaf

My Latest Addiction: New Leaf

By: Terra Clarke Olsen

Animal Crossing: New Leaf hit the States in June, 2013 (it was released earlier in Japan). That’s almost a year ago…and I managed to stay away all this time. 747 more words


A New Leaf

I did title this blog Random Game Opinions and I intend to stick to this mantra by having absolutely no cohesive theme in what I write, no new story as a reason to write about something old, Just purely random. 367 more words

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More Misadventures in Animal Crossing: New Leaf

Deena was the cutest villager in my town! I say was… because…

She moved out! Farewell Deena!

Jitters moved out as well, after a short stay! 54 more words

Animal Crossing

Wii U Needs Folders

Hello, I figured I’d write a short blog about the Wii U feature that I want the most. Every time there is a system update it’s the first thing I check for and every time it’s disappointed me. 361 more words


Disney’s Magical World 3DS

By: Essie

Like so many Nintendo games before it, an invitation marks the beginning of our story. This time the invitation is sent by Mickey Mouse himself with such a display excitement that you can’t help but be drawn into it. 925 more words


Favorite Video Games!

My top 10 favorite video games! One being highest, Ten being lowest… although ten is still way ahead since i’ve played most of the Cartoon Network games that have ever come out. 33 more words


In Like a Lion...

Wow, a lot of things have happened lately! To start off, I’d like to show what my town looked like during Cherry Blossoms.

Also I had my first wi-fi! 60 more words

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