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The Myth of "Humane" Animal Products

Inspired by a few recent trips to farmed animal sanctuaries, I’ve recently become more outspoken about my veganism, and because of that, I have encountered new arguments that I would like to debunk. 718 more words


My Experience of a Livestock Auction: The Unbearable Moments of Being Vegan Among Non-Vegans

I went to a livestock auction in late November. It took me a while to process the experience because it was so traumatic.

For anyone who isn’t familiar, livestock auctions are where farmers buy and sell the animals they exploit. 594 more words


PETA wins suit for names of UConn researchers

HARTFORD, Conn. (AP) — A judge has ordered the University of Connecticut Health Center to disclose the names of researchers who were found to have violated federal guidelines for treating animals. 102 more words


The Mighty Jungle?

I don’t like animals. Not dogs, not cats, not lemurs, not iguanas. None. My mom always told me that you could never trust people who don’t like animals… Well, damn. 331 more words

A Short Rant: This Guy Exposes Factory Farms Using a Drone. This Is What He Found So Far!

Mark Devries is a man on a mission. Since making “Speciesism: The Movie” in 2012, the director and activist has continued to expose cruel and shocking factory farming techniques by using spy drones to film secret ‘farms’ where animals are kept in horrific circumstances and never see the light of day. 231 more words

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