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2 months Vegan.

So recently I passed the 2 month vegan mark, about a week or so ago. It feels like I’ve been Vegan for years! Crazy stuff. This post is pretty much just gonna be me listing some of the changes I’ve found and what changes any new Vegans might experience when starting as well. 392 more words


Animal Rights is Laughable. Human Rights as well for that matter.

Why, you may ask? Because every individual of every species, human or other, possesses an inherent and intrinsic equal value. We all have equal right to exist, to live our lives freely. 441 more words

Vegan on a Trip away.

 My Vis Arts and Design class went on a trip away to Hamilton for four nights to attend an Arts festival. I was pretty worried I would struggle to eat out with my group of friends due to my vegan lifestyle. 391 more words


Appalling images from lamb farms and slaughterhouses in Italy...BOYCOTT LAMB!

Absolutely shameful Italy!!

A new research by animal equality shows appalling images from lamb farms and slaughterhouses in Italy. The research team by animal equality has documented the events on a total of four farms. 122 more words

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