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Why Arizona, WHY?

I am scared right now.  If I saw this coming at me, I would turn myself around, walk away slowly, and then break out into a full-fledged sprint.  1,758 more words

Endangered Species

FBI gets serious about SELECTED animal cruelty


The FBI has finally decided that animal abuse/torture are serious crimes in their own right…see article, petition link, and video below.

Yet, what about what occurs legally and with societal approval everyday in slaughterhouses, vivisection labs, puppy mills, fur farms, etc.? 155 more words

Animal Abuse

The Kindness of the One-Shot-Drop Hunter

Imagine someone going out and shooting a random man on the street, in the head, just the right spot to kill him quickly. Killer feels proud and macho and approved of by society and its pretty girls because he took the guy down quickly, he barely even knew what happened. 1,082 more words

Animal Abuse

More preachy vegan ramblings you're free to ignore

Printed with permission of my friend Janet, the author:

On those vociferous ex-vegans…

Ginny Messina, MPH (Master of Public Health), RD (Registered Dietician), says in her website article, … 413 more words


Earth and Earthlings Need a Centralized, Worldwide Government

Animal Rights cannot be achieved under capitalism.
True, major strides are being made in awareness of animals as sentient beings, and many people are coming to embrace ethical treatment of animals. 114 more words

Animal Rights

Ban Animal Ownership!

Animals should not be owned for the same reasons people should not be owned. People are not property. Neither are animals.

Banning the ownership of animals would eliminate 99% of the horrors humans inflict upon animals. 202 more words

Animal Rights