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Urgent: Comment Against MT Fur Farm


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Please help stop this thing; just click on the below link for Public Comments, then send your thoughts to Briggs email address in poster.

The Killing Game by Joy Williams

Dr. Denise Albert was able to remove a snare from around a wolf’s neck and treat the animal with antibiotics. NPS photo

Warning Graphic Photos and Videos… 6,571 more words

Gray Wolf/canis Lupus

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Important reading regarding "hunting":

Why I Won’t Be Attending TBEX Cancun.

I know this is a little break from the usual travel tips, advice and inspiration I usually write about on this site, but I wanted to take just a little moment to write about why I – as an independent travel writer and brand – will not be attending TBEX Cancun this year. 1,210 more words

Travel Talk

Support Ebba Olausson: Vegan in Body and Soul

What we call the Animal Rights Movement is, with greater reason, a Mixed Culture. This Mixed Culture is a mélange of caring and thinking people, so naturally the intellectual and compassionate architecture appeals to us and others like us. 265 more words

The Paradigm Shift Requires Clarity About the Moral Baseline

If we are ever going to see a paradigm shift, we have to be clear about how we want the present paradigm to shift.

We must be clear that veganism is the unequivocal baseline of anything that deserves to be called an “animal rights” movement. 1,020 more words

Rock On PETA!

If you haven’t heard about how cruel and abusive SeaWorld is, here’s your wake up call!  They confine Orca Whales kidnapped from the wild in what I consider to be water-filled jail cells  24/7, forcing them to perform for humans each dreaded day after another!  1,766 more words

Who Did What?!

Smash the Fast Food Industry!

We are recommending this short zine written by our friends, which is a brief analysis of the fast food industry from an intersectional lense.  We at the Wingnut have been involved locally with the Fight for $15 Fast Food Workers movement. 231 more words