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Earth and Earthlings Need a Centralized, Worldwide Government

Animal Rights cannot be achieved under capitalism.
True, major strides are being made in awareness of animals as sentient beings, and many people are coming to embrace ethical treatment of animals. 114 more words

Animal Rights

Ban Animal Ownership!

Animals should not be owned for the same reasons people should not be owned. People are not property. Neither are animals.

Banning the ownership of animals would eliminate 99% of the horrors humans inflict upon animals. 202 more words

Animal Rights


At least humans get paid. And don’t get killed by the end of the work day.


(Left: factory workers in Thailand. Right: rabbits used for cosmetic testing.)

Video of the Day: Phillip Wollen - Animals Should Be Off The Menu

Dylan, pictured to the left, was going to be veal. Can you imagine? Now he’s thriving, happy, and sociable at Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary. I met Dylan when I visited Woodstock a couple of years ago. 292 more words

Animal Welfare

Video of the Day: "The Animals Film" trailer

This documentary film actually came out in 1981, but until yesterday, I had never heard of it. Have you? If so, have you seen it? It obviously predates “ 197 more words


The trivial things...

Chechi, it is standing on three legs.”

Lost in Chenda-melam, I didn’t hear kiddo¬†and he had to really pull me down and shout in my ear. 376 more words