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Our Tallow

The tallow used in our soaps comes exclusively from Beef. We do not use lard which is pig fat.

So how do we know the beef fat is all beef? 281 more words

Animal Fat

“Animal fat, non- vegetarian’s delight,
On the tongue I sit so light…
I am quite healthy, but not all me do eat
Have me some more and break the chair underneath!”


What's With Fats? The Different Kinds of Fats

You’re walking down the grocery store aisles. It’s just a normal day, a normal shopping trip. You see item after item with labels like “low-fat,” “reduced fat,” “no┬ásaturated fats,” and “50% less fat!” Chances are, you’ve probably never closely questioned this for at least the majority of your life. 841 more words



Take Turns – Super Sunday

Take Turns are the awesome slacker rock band you need in your life right now. Originating in Leeds, these boys released their ‘Animal Fat’ EP. 217 more words

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