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Eco Fashion is the New Black

Over the past few months, it really seemed like ethical fashion was becoming almost… mainstream. (GASP!) See below: The Huffington Post, New York Magazine’s The Cut, Who What Wear, even InStyle is getting in on it! 200 more words

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I've discovered a green beauty gem!

Whilst searching for a beauty box (makeup/beauty case, whatever you wanna call it) on the ‘net due to wanting all my makeup to be in one place and more organised, I surprisingly came across a site called… 126 more words

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K/LLER Collection: More than Just a Cool Name

Last week, I stumbled across an article about K/LLER COLLECTION, the sustainable jewelry brand that just won CFDA’s eco-fashion challenge. I don’t think I’ve ever seen sustainable jewelry that’s cooler or more unique than this! 118 more words

Sustainable Fashion

Vegan Pumpkin Pancakes: A Review {Less of a review and more of an advisement}

Holy deliciousness! Do yourself and the people you cook for a favor and make these vegan pumpkin pancakes NOW.  Breakfast, dessert, a tasty afternoon treat: these morsels of love are satisfying any time of day. 350 more words

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You, Too, Can be Respectably Slouchy!

Hey there, friends!

I’m sick and I NEVER get sick. Seriously, it has been like three years since I’ve felt like this. Yet, here I am sitting at my desk, freezing, congested, and rather icky on this rainy, bleak, fall day. 302 more words

Cruelty Free

Damn, That Wine is Fine! (But is it Vegan)

Hi Guys!

At the ripe old age of thirteen I swore off meat and became a vegetarian. My parents surely thought this was a phase, but , here I am, nearly two decades (nearly … not quite..yowzers that’s still a long time) later with nary a morsel of meat to have crossed my lips in that time. 694 more words

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