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Cookies make everything better!

We woke up to snow in the backyard this morning.  That’s life in Southern Ontario.  I needed a boost to get me through this new turn in the weather, so I went hunting online. 363 more words


Cows Love These Wallets

Instead of buying a wallet made from leather, please consider purchasing one made of an alternative material. For example, Mighty Wallet is made from Tyvek. I have no idea what the environmental impact of producing wallets from Tyvek is, but at least it doesn’t involve the direct killing of cows, lambs, or whatever other animals are usually skinned for wallets. 58 more words


My DIY Project

So, being vegan for over a year now (SO CRAZY I KNOW!!), I’ve decided that I really need to start applying my veganism to more areas in my life, most notably my beauty products. 227 more words

What She Said

Are You Vegan Enough?

There’s an evolving trend that is gaining traction in the world of fashion in the past couple of years.

It’s vegan leather. 

What is vegan leather you say?   369 more words

My Beautiful Rocket

Just received my Lime Crime lipstick in the mail!

You can’t put a price on a product that is animal friendly… But in this case, it fits within abrokegirl budget! 45 more words



Yeah, so…. the vegetarian thing isn’t going to be able to go past Lent…

As it turns out, there are these things called “stuffed… 231 more words


Stella McCartney: Designing with a conscience

An edited version of this article first appeared online at Shlur.com on 1/3/2014

It’s not often high-end designers are revered for their eco-friendly credentials, but Stella McCartney’s commitment to the planet has now been recognised with a PETA-approved award for Most Stylish Women’s Knitwear. 652 more words