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You, Too, Can be Respectably Slouchy!

Hey there, friends!

I’m sick and I NEVER get sick. Seriously, it has been like three years since I’ve felt like this. Yet, here I am sitting at my desk, freezing, congested, and rather icky on this rainy, bleak, fall day. 302 more words


Damn, That Wine is Fine! (But is it Vegan)

Hi Guys!

At the ripe old age of thirteen I swore off meat and became a vegetarian. My parents surely thought this was a phase, but , here I am, nearly two decades (nearly … not quite..yowzers that’s still a long time) later with nary a morsel of meat to have crossed my lips in that time. 693 more words

Animal Friendly

Pay Attention, Boys!

I’m a lady. I wear lady clothes. But this does not mean that I’ve forgotten about you, lads.  I am excited about cruelty-free fashion in the menswear world, too and boy-oh-boy are there a lot of great brands/designers to choose from.  513 more words

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Here in New England, it’s fall, the most glorious season to behold (cue visions of pumpkins and foliage) !

For me this means three things (in order of importance): Halloween, boots, and cozy sweaters.  532 more words

Animal Friendly

Day 18: More vegan musings

So I’ve not had a lot of time to take pictures or make food today, I have been busy at work and then I was straight off out to a friends birthday party. 295 more words

Vegan Challange

Lovely Lush Haul!

I love Lush…. that’s all I really need to say, is it not?! For anyone living burrowed under a rock, Lush is a company which makes fresh handmade organic cosmetics and bath products like  soaps, shower gels, shampoos and hair conditioners, bath bombs, bubble bars, face masks, and hand and body lotions from things like fruit and vegetables, essential oils, and honey and beeswax. 912 more words


Day 14: Carrot & Cabbage Soup

It’s been a cold day today and I’ve been feeling a little under the weather. A Gail has been rattling at my door all day and decided that there is only ever one food that combat this kind of icy weather, soup! 360 more words

Vegan Challange