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The Healing Balm of Indifference

by Sam Buntz

There’s something about lazy, morally unallied characters that resonates with everyone (or, almost everyone). It’s refreshing to see one’s secret, inner aimlessness and lack of ideals dramatized—it awakens real sympathy. 526 more words

Variety: The Most Disgusting Comedies Ever Made

Introduction: Some comedies touch the heart, while others stimulate the mind. Most aim to amuse, a few to enlighten. But only one features Jeff Daniels unloading into a toilet for two-minutes straight after drinking a bottle of laxative. 58 more words


Bobby B***H - Animal House Remix

Paco and Henikan jump on Bobby Shmurda’s “Bobby Bitch” instrumental and adds a lil Animal House spice to it *Enjoy*


On growing old

When two lawyers in their early 70s nearly came to blows after a screaming match at a country club dining room, their combat made the pages of… 89 more words

Social Pledge

Fraternities have the reputation of throwing the best social events on college campuses. This reputation is completely true. All across the country fraternities are hosting the best parties and social events. 479 more words

Squirrel Wyde's Toughest Teams New Season!!!

Squirrel Wyde takes the TOUGHEST TEAM SHOWCASE to West Baltimore for a BELTWAY match up between the 10-12 Secret Society Panthers vs. Beacon House Falcons. This should be a great matchup. 93 more words