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No Good Summer Movies

Jaws was released on June 1, 1975.  Taut, believable, and  brilliantly acted, telling the story of a gigantic great white shark that terrorized a resort town and then coldly set out to kill the men who were hunting it, … 366 more words


Theme Thursday: 3 Ways to Pick A Theme For Your Event

  1. Start with your favorite book, movie or TV show.
  2. Explore one of your Hobbies.
  3. Think about the mood or color scheme.

Once you decide which of these items appeals to you the most go for it.  186 more words

Bar Mitzvah

Hard Rock Music Time Machine – Summer of 1984: We’re Not Gonna Take It!

In the summer of 1984, I worked as a waiter in the sleepaway camp that I had attended as a camper.  The years at camp all seem to blend together to create one nostalgic memory as time passes, but the summer of ’84 was different; it was the best, most memorable summer of my childhood years. 391 more words

Hard Rock Music Time Machine

Lunch With Adam The Bull At Ohio City Burrito: Adam's Controversial Burrito Opinions [VIDEO]

In this week’s edition of Lunch with Adam the Bull, Adam takes a trip down W 25 to Ohio City Burrito – a burrito spot known for perfectly packing their fare with a bit of hometown flavor. 35 more words

Best Of

Why Can't Life Be Like Animal House?

“Was it over when the German’s bombed Pearl Harbor?” Yes, Bluto was rolling and so was the rest of the gang at Delta House. Which guy did you (or do you) want to be? 173 more words


Bad Neighbors


Dir: Nicholas Stoller


The charming and funny Seth Rogen stars alongside an equally loveable Rose Byrne in this nasty piece of frat house fun. 437 more words


365 Reasons to Smile - Day 355

Sometimes I just need to watch a movie I’ve seen dozens of times. A movie that I know every line and scene by heart and yet enjoy watching over and over again anyway. 1,722 more words

My Life