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How Massive Geographic Change may have Triggered Explosion of Animal Life

Scientist are researching about geologic history that may help to solve the riddle of the “Cambrian explosion,” the rapid diversification of animal life in the fossil record. 18 more words

Animal Life


I missed her
by inches
braking hard skidding left.
My first thought
but the glimpse of tail
as she fled to the woods - 101 more words


Heading towards the museum there is a line of photographs from all over the world ‘The World through the Eyes of Russians’, filled with colour, motion, beauty. 104 more words


Wild City: Searching for Fresh Air

Average temperature the last few days: -3 (Celsius)

The cold air is dry, crisp. It’s lovely, invigorating in a way, unless you are walking along a main road, when it becomes a bog of diesel fumes and cigarette smoke so dense that it makes your head hurt. 297 more words