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Winter is Coming...

…But unlike in Game of Thrones, autumn is pleasant in Moscow.

After feeling like I really put my nose to the grindstone these last few days, I took the entire day today to get outdoors and enjoy the sun. 355 more words


Dorm Life

What I take for granted in the background of my day to day life may perhaps be of interest to you, especially to those who lived with me at Wood Lane last year, and painted the horror stories of the ‘Soviet Accommodation’. 711 more words


“You Are a Coward”

“You shot two defenseless men. And ran into the darkness.”
This is not an exact quote but as close as I can remember the Pennsylvania commander saying to the person(s) that shot and killed a state trooper last week. 248 more words

Sherlock Holmes, walking his 3 little Pigs

After the frustrated post last time, I thought I should provide you with a more up-beat update, and the best way to do this, I think, is to provide you an insight into some of the oddities we encountered at the * 345 more words


Sex Happens Under the Full Moon

The moon is impossible to ignore.

Its influence has a pull on the entire planet. A literal pull.

Because the moon is so large, it has a gravitational force that attracts everything on Earth towards it. 401 more words

Animal Life

Stray Dogs, Runners, and a Palace fit for a Tsar

It’s been a busy two days.

Yesterday our Russian language class continued, we picked up our Student ID cards (which look waay coool) and wandered through the Arbatskaya region after making our way there from our Faculty (ie, beginning to understand where everything is located in relation to each other). 867 more words


A Surprise Visit from a Cormorant

We had a surprising and humorous encounter with a cormorant on a recent visit to the Bruce Peninsula in Ontario. Shortly after pulling out of a parking spot in the town of Lion’s Head, we heard a loud sound coming from the back of the car. 185 more words