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It's Okay...I'm Batman!

In light of our little super hero Bruce Wayne having a close encounter today I have decided to give him a little photo feature on the blog of some of my favourite moments with him so far. 323 more words


Heads Or Tails?

So the weekend away was definitely not uneventful in any way shape or form, however nothing quite compares to coming home to an animal related drama. 430 more words


How to Be an Olympic Representative: Cesar Parra

Cesar Parra is one of the few individuals who had the honor of representing his country at the Olympics. At the time, Cesar Parra was solely a citizen of Colombia, so he represented the country at the 2004 Olympics in Athens. 199 more words

Cesar Parra

Get a dog they said, it'll be fun they said.

I’ve been more of a cat person for as long as I can remember. I can relate to a cat. We both liked To eat, sleep, and fix out hair constantly. 339 more words


Finally Finished! Titled: "HiJinx"

Hey art fans! 

I FINALLY finished that color pencil painting that I have been working on for forever! I hope you like it! 

My Facebook page to see it


My Dog, My Baby

So, for all of you animal lovers out there, you know that your pet is like your child. A dog is not just a dog, its your baby, your best friend, the tail that greets you every time you walk through the door! 249 more words


Family is Family

I was shown this video yesterday about the reunion between ‘Christian’ the lion and his previous owners who raised him. The video is aimed at communicating the importance of loving your friends and staying in contact. 145 more words

The World We Live In