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Affirmation July 30th 2014

Walk the Path to a new Life

Walk with Grace, pride and Inner peace

Freedom is the prize of the Brave


Native American

Affirmation 29th July 2014

Be yourself go for what you want but don’t sell yourself out and make memories…..

Native American

Pigeons and Doves --- Messengers Of Mourning

I open the front door and step out to take my morning walk along the beach. A flock of pigeons greets me, flying only a few feet away, right in front of me. 740 more words


The Elk and the Hummingbird

Red Wulf laid out the cards I had selected on the table in front of us. He sat in the lotus position in the chair to my left, his brown plaid cotton lounge pants clashing with his tie-dyed T-shirt. 829 more words

A piece of cake and a slice of pie.

Entwined Garden it is a Cake—a sheet cake—large and cut into sections.   The house designed by my engineer husband Phil is on an east west axis back to front and north to south. 368 more words


Spider Medicine

I dreamt of SPIDER last night. I was awoken by the vision of a tarantula landing right smack on my face!

A black tarantula. All black. 1,065 more words


How to discover your animal totem(s).

I’m a big fan of listening to my intuition, as well as signs that come to me from the Universe.  One of my favorite ways to connect is by paying attention to messages from my animal guides.  790 more words