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Frog Under Grass

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Frogs are always fun to find and photograph. Kids love them but more often than not frogs get scared off by quick movement and/or noise and jump back into the water. 151 more words


Duelling grebes

Ugh, regular programming on my blog has most definitely undergone a major disruption this week. Lots happening here at the moment, so altho I’m adding substantially to my image collection, processing time is severely limited. 281 more words


Meerkat in black and white

Was photographing through glass here. And the meerkat rarely sat still… it was such a challenge!

My Photos

Monochrome cat

Another full day away yesterday, and today we’re rushing out the door too, so just a quickie post that I didn’t get to last night, one of my sister’s cats that I processed in monochrome. 17 more words


Photo a day

Over the past month, I challenged some of my friends to complete a photo a day project. A few years ago, I took a photo a day for an entire year. 57 more words