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All Lives Matter

“The idea that some lives matter less is the root of all that is wrong with the world.” – Paul Farmer


Terrorism on Canadian soil: a partial list

A “radicalized” man who killed a Canadian Forces soldier Monday in a hit-and-run was not the first person to commit – or try to commit – an apparent act of terrorism on Canadian soil.  518 more words


Do We Need More Than Six Wolves?

There still are several states in the United States where wolves live. This is actually quite surprising, since they nearly had been hunted down to extinction. 174 more words

Animal Welfare

Nosey Is Crying For Help

Saving one animal at a time seems not to be working here. Even though PeTA has already collected so many signatures the elephant named Nosey still has not been rescued. 183 more words

Animal Welfare

Please Help an Innocent Pig!

A pig urgently needs your help! The company Granite City Tire and Auto has given her to someone who can guess her weight as a prize, and she may soon be slaughtered for food! 112 more words


Urgent Action Deadline 22nd October : Please Help Save Exotic Animals From Being Euthanized!

Please help with the following petition and take action today to help save the lives of animals at a sanctuary in Ohio.

This week, the Tiger Ridge Exotics animal sanctuary in Ohio wants to needlessly euthanize its animals, which includes endangered tigers, black leopards, lions and bears.

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Animal Rights

Action Alert: Saama the Elephant in Desperate Need of Veterinary Care

Wildlife Extra reports on Saama, a 27 year old  elephant in the Alan Mathiniyaramaya Temple in Sri Lanka, being in need of veterinary care and the campaign for her to receive such care and be sent to a sanctuary. 7 more words

Animal Rights