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This organisation isn’t just the reason I turned to vegetarian but I has made me more passionate than ever about the lives that we live as humans and what horrors go on in our daily lives. 12 more words


Spring Bear Hunt in Ontario

An application for judicial review and notice of constitutional question was filed by animal rights groups in an attempt to overturn the spring bear hunt pilot program beginning the first of May. 972 more words


Check Out Your Victories!

Thank you for taking action for animals. It is because of loyal supporters like you that we are able to share so many exciting victories each month. 395 more words

Sustainable Action Network

How Zebras Got Their Stripes

How did the zebra get its stripes? It sounds like the theme for a “Just So” story that Rudyard Kipling never got around to writing. You would think that someone would have come up with the definitive answer by now, but, in fact, the reason zebras have stripes remains a biological mystery. 59 more words

Appeals court says pets are 'property'

And what about warrantless searches that went on for THREE Days before obtaining a warrant with nothing wrong?!? Animals that can not be seen from the road, no starving and sick animals,  receiving treatment if there was something wrong, plenty of supplies and no law broken!!! 668 more words

paper crane tea #4 online!

This edition of Paper Crane, Animal City Rights looks at how abandoned cats and dogs are treated in Shenzhen, including the efforts of SZCat, a community organization that actively promotes animal welfare. 53 more words

Shenzhen Identity