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The Worst State in the U.S.A. for Animal Welfare: New Jersey

Why are the Animal Welfare organizations so bad in New Jersey?

Even when you compare that work done by the people in New Jersey to most other states (and large cities), it is so poorly run and the organizations that supposedly care about animals, seem to care about money and odd intangibles having nothing to do with animal welfare, more than the life of any animal. 5,992 more words

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When many of us think of elephants, we think of the circus elephant, dressed in a ridiculous outfit performing tricks. We do not even briefly consider their brutal living environment, or just how endangered they have become, or even, of how they’re smarter than your dog or cat. 591 more words

Action Alert: Please Help Free Arturo the Polar Bear

Please sign the petition to free Arturo the polar bear:

“Two years ago, Arturo’s long-time companion, a polar bear named Pelusa, died and he has since had not contact with other bears.

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Author: Ashley

So often in discussions about animal rights, analogies are brought up to compare factory farming or the meat industry to something else. Analogies help to clarify one thing by comparing it to something else. 1,491 more words

Portland Captive Elephant Care Forum & Contact Congress Today to Stop Circus Suffering!

Please join members of IDA, Free the Oregon Zoo Elephants (FOZE), and others concerned with the welfare of captive elephants for the Portland Captive Elephant Care Forum, Saturday, July 26, 2pm-4pm at the Central Public Library in Portland. 655 more words

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V for Ve(ga)ndetta

You don’t have to be gay to support their cause, and if you are, you don’t have to stop there. You can fight for women’s rights, fight against racism or fight for anyone or any group that struggles to live because of the way they were born, and will have fewer rights, not because of their actions, but simply because they came to this world with features some people would find difficult to accept. 438 more words