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Baby Squirrel Gets a Cast for Broken Ankle

After falling 75 feet from a tree onto concrete, an adorable baby squirrel is on the mend, with a super cute cast on her broken ankle.   48 more words

Every other airline in the world—including United, Aer Lingus,Air China, American, British Airways, Cathay Pacific, Delta, Lufthansa,China Southern, and Qantas, EXCEPT FOR ONLY One (1) Airline to Go (Air France)!

Stop Air France From Shipping Monkeys to Their Deaths!

Air France claims to be “making the sky the best place on Earth.” But in reality, the airline is making the sky a dangerous and scary place, as it is one of the largest traffickers of primates in the world. 318 more words

Sustainable Action Network

Pet treats found contaminated with heavy metals - Health Ranger releases shocking data on lead, mercury and cadmium in dog and cat treats

April 21, 2014
by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger

(NaturalNews) My food science research in the Natural News Forensic Food Labs has turned up yet another alarming discovery… and this time, it’s about pet treats that may be poisoning your dogs and cats with toxic heavy metals. 1,801 more words


britches' day: making our own holidays

Part of my journey as an activist has been learning to make my own holidays and embracing my friends and fellow activists as family. Sometimes this takes the form of alternative holidays, as I… 951 more words

Animal Rights

You have a voice -so use it!


Congruency - n.  The quality or state of agreeing, corresponding or being congruent.

Its when your internal beliefs and values match your actions.  Its saying YES and following through on that promise, whether it be a promise you made to someone else or a promise you made yourself .   431 more words

Bunnies are not for Easter

Hoppy Easter, readers!

I’d like to give a quick reminder to all that bunny-rabbits do not make good Easter presents.

Bunnies are often given as gifts to children in their Easter baskets. 207 more words