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Stop the torture of chicks (and other animals)

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There’s one thing you can to for your own health, for the world, and to reduce the suffering in the world, and that’s to stop eating meat. 299 more words

Animal Cruelty

out of sight, out of mind: bananas, eggs & fair trade

Truth is, it doesn’t matter where bananas come from or who harvests them, right? I mean, we don’t see the people who gather them and their well-being is not our responsibility. 674 more words

What do Aliens, ADRs and Animal Tests have in common?

I have a childhood friend called Jenny and Jenny is susceptible to believing conspiracy theories. Jenny thinks that the Rothschilds control the government and were… 1,426 more words


Problems of Evil

There’s a philosophical problem that is often levelled at Christianity as evidence against its truth, called the Problem of Evil. Anybody who has done any theology or philosophy would be well acquainted with it, but for those who aren’t already inducted into such folds, I’ll explain. 534 more words

Animal Suffering

A Tenderhearted Kid Goes Vegan...and a lesson on the architecture of the mind.

In summer of 2010 I read Diet for A New America by John Robbins. John is Baskin-Robbins c0-founder Irv Robbins only son. He grew up eating a lot of ice cream, sometimes with every meal. 998 more words

Denmark Ending Halal and Kosher Slaughter Methods

Effective yesterday, February 17, 2014, Denmark’s new law banning the methods used to slaughter cows by Halal and/or Kosher methods went into effect.  As many know, the process of slaughtering an animal with these religious practices requires that the animal be conscious when slaughtered, leaving much room for pain and suffering.  366 more words