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Alternatives to animal testing

Animal testing refers to experiments done on animals to check the safety and effectiveness of products that include but not limited to cosmetics and household products. 657 more words

Animal Testing

The Torture Never Stops - But It Must, For All of Us to Survive

Whether its animals or people, our society tortures millions of innocent lives everyday.

Two stories brought that home to me this week.

The New York Time published a story on Jan. 1,029 more words


Let's Talk: Values + Voting with Your Dollar

I don’t particularly like the term “values”. To me, it has this holier-than-thou connotation to which I have an innate negative response. However, it has occurred to me that defining one’s “values” can be helpfully orientating in a very disorientating world. 544 more words

Animal Welfare

How to identify cruelty-free products

Once you have decided to be cruelty-free, the next step is to buy cruelty-free products! Yaaayy! Congratulations, let’s go shopping! There a few tips that can help you decide if a product is not tested on animals. 211 more words

Animal Testing

Exposé: the secretive world of animal testing at Bath

Written by Rowan Emslie, former bathimpact Editor-in-Chief (2012-13)

There is a certain, unfortunate breed of mouse that is incredibly prone to addiction. It will forsake water for alcoholic beverages, it won’t contain itself around drugs, it will abandon almost all other activities to run around and get high all day. 2,339 more words

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