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At the circus. Backstage, elephants and other animals are kept in chains or caged. Not born natural actors or circus clowns, they are forced to perform idiotic, confusing tricks under the threat of physical punishment. 1,027 more words


Why I'm No Longer a Fan of Snickers Candy Bars

Before you begin reading, please take a moment to watch the following video:

I’m sure we’ve all heard of Mars Incorporated; they manufacture everything from Skittles and Snickers to Pedigree and Whiskas. 744 more words



Beauty product labels can sometimes sound more like a chemistry textbook than a helpful list of ingredients to nourish your skin. So how’s a conscious, and cruelty-free consumer to avoid unwillingly using a product that contains animal derived ingredients? 996 more words


Adopt with The Bowling Green Warren Co. Humane Society

The best way to spend a Saturday afternoon is with a sweet and beautiful group of cats, dogs, and rabbits at your local animal shelter. Coincidentally, this is exactly how I spent my time this past Saturday while volunteering with the… 309 more words

Animal Cruelty

Group Finds New Homes For Beagles Used In Medical Research

(CBS) — Dogs living in cages are used for medical research including here in Chicago. One breed is used more than any other, but as Roseanne Tellez reports, one group is working to give these animals a new life after the lab. 457 more words


Cruelty-Free Pet Foods (Part One)

Today I want to talk about something close to my heart; animal testing. Most pet owners would not want to fund animal cruelty but lot of people are surprised to learn that the food they feed their pets has been formulated and tested using invasive procedures on other animals. 570 more words

Do we value a child's life (if he/she were dying) over a rabbit? If we valued true science over the scientific fraud of animal testing, the child and the rabbit would both be safe.

1) The heart-lung machine was the most critical development in open-heart surgery for it takes over the function of the patient’s heart and lungs during open heart operations. 407 more words