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Unilever drops lawsuit against Hampton Creek

Can you believe it? A couple of months ago, industry giant Unilever sued Hampton Creek over the use of the word “mayo.” Unilever, maker of Hellman’s mayonnaise, didn’t like that Hampton Creek named their eggless product Just Mayo. 223 more words


Beagle Freedom Project Uses Former Research Dogs to Spotlight its Anti-Research Campaign

Today’s guest post  is by Dr. Cindy Buckmaster, chair of Americans for Medical Progress.

Activists at the Beagle Freedom Project (BFP) continue to gather support for their agenda to end animal-based research – and some in the research community are unknowingly helping them. 924 more words


"I'm a Barbie girl-in a NON SEAWORLD world"

Even Barbie thinks Seaworld is an evil pile of crap.

Sea Shepherd Barbie 'Cove Guardian' doll @AdventureGirly pic.twitter.com/XBZriAVhjG

— Julie (@Heat_on_Street) December 16, 2014


Whaling in Japan-Watch a live graphics presentation

In Japan the culture of whaling is more myth than tradition; it was propagated only within the last fifty years as a way for a corrupt oligarchy with financial interests to justify modern large-scale commercial whaling. 141 more words


"Empório Body Store": are they really cruelty free?

Recently, L’Oreal purchased a Brazilian franchise called “Empório Body Store”. The stores are now selling not just their products, but The Body Shop’s products as well. 243 more words

Federal ban sought for animal testing on cosmetics

Animal testing has been a hot-button issue in across the globe for many years. Regulations are being proposed to ban animal testing in the United States.

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Use Your Consumer Power to Clean Up Cruelty in 2015

It’s hard to imagine any compassionate minded person would spray window cleaner into the eyes of a rabbit or force rats to eat dish soap until it made them ill. 41 more words