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It's Mr Spaghetti Legs by a Nose

Poor old Mr Spaghetti Legs. He doesn’t see very well, doesn’t hear very well and certainly doesn’t walk very well. However, he does have an excellent… 37 more words



For twenty one years we have not used any chemical fertiliser or pesticide, and this year we have a hedgehog! I am VERY thrilled.

Now our garden is virtually free of slugs – our plants this year have thrived, even the things that are usually eaten before they reach a few inches of height! 302 more words


Food Trends - Man-Made Milk

Ryan Pandya and Perumal Gandhi are crafting a plant-based concoction that’s nearly identical in taste and nutritional makeup to cow’s milk. They have modified sunflower oil so that it can take on a structural composition similar to milk fats; substituted lactose with galactose, a nearly indistinguishable sugar; and culture yeast to release casein, a protein found in animal milk. 66 more words


intelligent beings...

Do you sleep well?

Do you depend on alarm to wake up in the morning?

How do you feel when you hear the ringing from alarm clock? 330 more words