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"Bring forth the magical machines of death"

I thought “This would be a good follow-up to my last post” mostly because there is something creepy about “Bring forth the magical machines of death”. 80 more words

Pet of the Week - Layla (A207281) & Panther (A207279)

Here are the KTVA Channel 11 News Pets of the Week:

Layla and Panther will be featured tomorrow morning on the KTVA Daybreak Show!

We have a sweet, young pair for you to meet today! 116 more words


The Other Guys-Las Other Boys-Las Other Chicos-Las Otros Chicos

None of the responses above are correct Spanish, but they’re the most grammatically correct answers my class of idiots would produce. This class comprised of two native Spanish speakers and 24 other students with over 5 years experience, couldn’t link together “Hola” and “Como estas.” I’m not saying that I have an ear for languages, but at least I didn’t say “I’m a pilot” when my partner asked me–in Spanish– how many students were in the school where she was “applying” to teach.  227 more words


Big Bird

In the Secret Halls of my Soul I laugh
Down the corridors of my brain I live in my mind
To get away from the daily grind… 23 more words

Midnite Bright

Once upon a midnite bright
While I pondered, feeling my might
While I read with ready rapture
About some ancient Indian capture
Suddenly there came a knocking… 219 more words