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I love animal print!

I can’t help it, I always come back to animal print recently. This time I’ve done a simple black and silver zebra print. I painted the stripes freehand with a striping brush. 44 more words


Parts and Layers

“True” furs have two layers. The denser undercoat is made up of ground hairs, which provide principal warmth while the oily top layer is known as  101 more words

Is Immortality Real?

Immortality has been a subject that has fascinated human beings for the longest time. Many legends and mythologies discuss the possibility of supernatural beings and… 865 more words


Birding Non-Democracy

To paraphrase a swell Orwell,

While all birds are equal,

Some are more equal than others-

So in birding over hill and dell for a long spell, 13 more words