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Oregon Spotted Frog Hits Threatened List

GRANTS PASS, Ore. (AP) — Twenty-three years after it was first proposed for protection by the Endangered Species Act, the Oregon spotted frog is being listed as a… 232 more words

Current Affairs

September First

It’s a small joy, the moment the sd card is removed from the trail cam after a long week and placed into the computer.

The first photo appears, evidence of the hands behind the curious camera and the even more curious mind of what lurks when no one is around. 65 more words


Aquarium Tunnel - Las Vegas, Nevada


Illustrator: loujen haxm’Yor

Photo Title: ‘Yor Feet

CGI Artwork: A composite of my feet and an aquarium tunnel at one of the Las Vegas casinos. 12 more words


Where will our wild horses and burros be going now?

by Grandma Gregg

Another BLM internet adoption recently ended… now what?

One-hundred and sixty-one burros were listed on the BLM August internet adoption … and only FOUR even got a bid.   584 more words

Horse News

Mystic Mondays: Pigathor

“The piggie culture (spelt ‘piggie’ to differentiate from Piggy) is a deep one. Its mythology and legends go far back in time, so much so, that they are said to describe the birth of time itself. 249 more words


Imperial Eagle Painting

I think I am done with the Imperial Eagle painting

What I Am Doing

South Carolina political campaign goes to the dogs

CHARLESTON, S.C. (AP) — In some ways, political campaigning has gone to the dogs in South Carolina.

Boots McMaster, a bulldog with no chance of being elected, is a well-known political face this campaign season. 520 more words