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Chicken tastes too good

Thinking about it, you can’t beat chicken (well you can if you’re being literal and take a bat to a hen but that is NOT what I’m suggesting). 227 more words


Leaping Lizards

Lizards were shot up in the mountains area of Wrightwood, CA.



Here’s a sequel I didn’t see coming. Not so soon, at least. And, after all our recent trials and tribulations, it’s nice to write this piece. 357 more words


The Cat and the Centipede

A cat and a centipede went for a stroll
On a beautiful, bright summer’s day.
Said the cat to the centipede let’s go to the pond, 116 more words


Honey Badger Also a Clever, Resourceful Escape Artist

We have been following the exploits of the honey badger for more than three years now. Players like Tyrann Mathieu and Aussie rugby star Nick Cummins… 75 more words


Loch Ness Monster Found on Satellite Image

This is a picture of the Loch Ness Monster. Nessy was spotted in an Apple map satellite image by someone goofing around on a computer. After months of studying the image, experts ruled out all logical explanations, threw up their arms and proclaimed that this “likely” the Loch Ness Monster. 99 more words


The Uglier Side of Coping

Last week, I wrote a piece on How Do I Cope? I’ve thought a lot about this one, and decided that I have to dive back into the subject. 800 more words

Recurrent Pregnancy Loss