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Research with Navy Marine Mammals Benefits Animal Care, Conservation and Biology

The Navy Marine Mammal Program is a program that conducts research of marine mammals.  They address the ethics and benefits of captive marine mammals. The program states they keep marine mammals for defense and research purposes.   122 more words

Marine bioacoustics and technology: The new world of marine acoustic ecology

Sound is critical for marine mammals.  It is necessary for communication, navigation, and everyday tasks.  This article explores the idea that since marine mammals have been placed in captivity, increased human interaction has impacted their acoustic energy used for such tasks. 97 more words


This article is rather long and addresses many issues I would argue in my paper. It explains the idea behind the Marine Mammal Protection Act and the Act’s many provisions.   138 more words

Euthanasia At Zoos

Euthanasia At Zoo’s

On February 9th a highly respected zoo in Copenhagen, Denmark killed a healthy two-year-old giraffe named Marius. The reason behind this killing, his genes were overpopulated in the population of giraffes across zoo’s in Europe thus would have caused complications if they were to allow him to breed. 676 more words

Animals In Captivity

Free The Whales!

Why Orcas Don’t Deserve Captivity

Killer Whales also referred to as Orcas or Blackfish are found throughout all the worlds’ oceans from Icy Artic to Tropical seas. 1,949 more words

Animals In Captivity

Why Blackfish is the next movie you and your family should see

I have always struggled with the idea of animals in captivity and the chance to visit animals I would otherwise have to travel to Africa, for example, to see. 404 more words

Close Encounters

There are several arguments for and against keeping animals in captivity, and this includes wildlife rehabilitation centres.  It’s not something I want to debate here because that’s not what this blog is about.  212 more words