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You'll be amazed by this insanely creative food art

If you were served one of these beautifully prepared dishes, you might prefer to go hungry rather than eat it. This is a compilation of our favorite food art from around the internet. 449 more words


Roll Over!

Training my dog, Sammy, to roll over. It’s scary how fast a dog can learn. He’s so smart…he’s my ideal dog and I never could’ve asked for a better dog. 37 more words

Nighttime Trek

under an obscuring
hidden moon
silent she-wolf


Squirrel and Tree

“There is no fooling me,” the tree said.

The squirrel answered back nimbly from a swaying branch, “I have fooled you before. I’m sure of it. 360 more words

Caturday: Insignificant Interloper

Nine is contemplating the best move into Stella’s jungle.

He is getting ready to make his big move; I think he is going to pounce on her! 34 more words